Receipts and Invoices


Receipts for your jobs, additional payments and subscriptions can be found by navigating to your ‘Billing History’. Your ‘Billing History’ can be accessed from your ‘Account Settings’, which is accessible from the ‘Me’ drop-down in the top navigation bar. 

All of your transactions will appear here and you can select each one to view the payment details. If you do not see any transactions when you visit this page, you will either have not had any transactions yet, or you may need to adjust the ‘Date Range’ - you can select ‘All Time’ and then ‘Apply’ to see all of your transactions. If you are looking for a transaction from a specific period in time, you can select a date range or one of the three ‘Quick Dates’:

  1. This Month
  2. This Year
  3. All Time

You can also search job-related transactions by the Job # or name of the talent who worked on the job. Alternatively, you can filter transactions by their type or payment status:

  • Add-Ons
  • Hired Talent
  • Paid
  • Unpaid
  • Union Postings
  • Subscriptions 

To adjust the number of transactions you see on the page, you can select to see either 10, 25, 50 or 100 results by selecting the number filter at the bottom right corner of the page, above the footer and below the Results number. 

Once you have found the transaction(s) you are looking for, you can click ‘View’ to be taken to the ‘Transaction Details’ page to see more transaction information or print the transaction as a physical receipt (by clicking ‘Print This Page’). 

Finally, you can download your Billing History by selecting ‘Download CSV’. The .csv will include the transactions you have selected to be displayed at the time of download.

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