What are the ideal demo file settings at Voices.com?

Identifying Audio Settings for Demos and Auditions

At minimum all Profile demos and audition files need to be in MP3 format in order to play back via the site's audio players. Ideally they should be at a bit rate of 128 kbps and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. These settings strike a good balance between compression and sound quality. MP3 files saved using a lower rate will suffer reduced sound quality and those at a higher bit rate can end up large enough to delay playback, especially on slower connections.

Converting Audio into the MP3 Format
The universal standard audio file for delivery on the Internet is called MPEG-3 or more commonly known as MP3. You should make your voice-over demo available in MP3 format for easy distribution to clients via email or for convenient download on your webpage.

If you have demos on CD they can be ripped directly to MP3 format. 
If you have demos in another format (WAV, AIFF, etc.) they will need to be Imported into an audio editor and then Exported to MP3.

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