What are the non-union rates for voice-over work?

Budgeting The Right Amount For Voice Over Work

Freelance voice over rates depend on the type of project, size, and location where it will be heard. Rates for local, regional, national, and international audiences will vary depending on location. 

Voices.com requires clients to select a Talent Budget that meets a minimum amount that is specific to the type of work they are requesting in their job posting. Talent Budget minimums ensure that that clients are successful in finding a professional voice actor that meets their needs, and that voice actors are fairly compensated for their work. 

Visit our Rates & Pricing page to understand what you should consider when determining a voice over budget. When posting a job, clients should recognize that talent can quote outside the posted range. 

Union projects are subject to union scale and are negotiated directly with the talent's agent.

Please Note

* Payments are processed in US Dollars. 
* Each talent reserves the right to charge their own fees.
* Questions? Contact us at support@voices.com

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