What determines what I see on the Hiring tab?

Understanding What You Are Seeing On The Hiring Tab

The Hiring list under Jobs within your account displays posted/open jobs based on the information selected on your profile. To ensure that you're being presented with the most opportunities, you'll want to make sure your profile is complete. Any job that has a status of Hiring is available and you are encouraged to reply with your audition.

Settings that affect jobs you see are:
  • Languages 
  • Gender 
  • Age Ranges
  • Special Skills
You can edit or add any of this information by clicking on Profile > Bio and scrolling down to the appropriate section.

Why Am I Missing Jobs?

Far too many members neglect to select their languages or age ranges. If you're missing a setting, you will not see those jobs under your Hiring tab and will not be notified via email, even if the job is in a Hiring status and still accepting auditions.

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