What do I quote when no word count or script is provided in the job posting?

Quoting When The Script is Missing

While our Job Posting Managers make every effort to ensure that jobs subject to manual review have either a word count or estimated read time, not all clients who post a public job at Voices.com provide the full script or a word count. As a result it may sometimes prove difficult when it comes to quoting your rate.
You should have a good idea of how long it takes for you to record certain types of smaller recordings and should develop a per hour work rate, even if the job takes you 30 minutes to complete. You should try to develop your rate card so that you can easily quote based on project type, not necessarily script length.
Talent are not fixed into working for their audition quote and most clients realize that the quotes obtained at the audition level are based on the information provided at that time. All talent have the ability to modify their rate at the time a job is awarded via SurePay and at that point in time, clients are required to upload their script if none was provided in the original job posting.
If you are not certain of the length of the recording or how long it will take for you to record and this affects your rates, then mention that in your proposal that rates can change based on additional information obtained.

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