What Do the Green Icons Beside Job Postings Mean?

Understanding The Job Icons

There are 5 icons that you may encounter in your various Jobs tabs.

In your Hiring tab you may see:
  • A Lightning Bolt indicating a Rush Job.
  • A Padlock indicating a Private Job.
In your Answered tab you could see:
  • An Ear icon to designate those auditions that have been Listened to.
  • A Light-bulb icon to show which auditions have received client feedback.
  • A Thumbs Up icon indicating that the client has Liked your audition.
In your Deleted tab you will see:
  • An Ear icon to show that your audition has been Listened to.
  • A Thumbs Up icon indicating that the client has Liked your audition.
  • Microphone icon indicates that an audition was submitted but not yet reviewed.
If you forget what an icon represents, hover your mouse over it for a few seconds. A popup label will appear to remind you!


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