What do the icons mean under the Flag column in my Answered list?

Understanding What The Icons Mean

The job icons under the Flag column are a simple way to know which of your auditions have been reviewed by the client without having to click through to each job and help to identify Private posts.


In the Hiring tab you may see a "padlock" icon, which indicates that the job in question is a Private post.

Also in your Hiring folder, you may encounter Rush Job, identified by a lightning bolt icon and a light green background color. 


In the Answered tab the icons in the Flag column the will identify which auditions were reviewed (ear) and which have been liked (thumbs up). The feedback icon (light-bulb) will identify those auditions that have received client feedback.

Auditions that have yet to be reviewed will not have an icon.

You might find Rush Jobs in your Answered folder, too. Here, the check mark icon will be replaced by the reviewed (ear) or liked (thumbs up) once reviewed or liked, but the light green background may remain.


If you are viewing jobs in your Deleted tab you may also notice a microphone icon. This indicates those jobs for which an audition was sent but was not reviewed by the client. This is to visually separate deleted jobs which you auditioned for from those that you deleted from your Hiring tab without replying to them.

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