What is the Voices.com refund policy?

Addressing Refunds With Integrity

When you make a membership purchase at Voices.com you are paying for services upfront. In terms of annual memberships, a significant discount is applied at the time of purchase for purchasing 12 months upfront.

Refunds are typically not issued unless extenuating circumstances arise. We request that you contact us at least 5 days before your renewal day if you are seeking a refund.  If a refund is approved for an annual membership then the refund amount may be pro-rated to account for the time used.

Example: If you have paid for an annual membership and contact us outside of the 5 day period then we may charge you for the month and return the remainder. Your account will then be downgraded one month from the original renewal or purchase date.

With monthly memberships cancellation may occur before the end of any one month period to cancel a subscription prior to the next renewal date.

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