What is Verified by Visa?

Registering Your Visa Card

Verified by Visa (VbV) is a program designed to help make shopping online more secure. By registering a password for your Visa® card with the VbV service, and shopping online at VbV enabled merchants, your card can only be used by you to make online purchases.

VbV is available at no cost exclusive to Visa cardholders. By registering a password for your Visa card, you'll benefit from:
  • Greater protection against unauthorized use of your Visa card(s) for online purchases.
  • See how VbV works Increased trust that only you can use your Visa card when shopping online at VbV enabled merchants Shop online with VbV enabled merchants
  • Minimal impact to your online shopping experience 
  • Ability to quickly identify merchants who offer the added security of VbV when they feature the VbV logo

Learn more about the Verified by Visa program here:

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