What should I do after I've been contacted by a client?

Responding To a Client

If you have been contacted directly by a client who found you at Voices.com, first, congratulations, it means your profile is visible and appealed to this person.

Next, if you are contacted directly through our messaging system it is up to you to ensure that you obtain all necessary contact information from this person before agreeing to do any work. Voices.com only investigates clients who have posted a public job through our service. You will be responsible for any issues that arise from working with someone directly outside of our SurePay Escrow service.

Handling Payment

Options available to you to ensure payment are:
1. Direct your client to post a private job for you via the Invite to Job link on your Profile page. You will need to audition and they will need to Award the Job to you to permit deposit of funds via SurePay.

2. Work and get paid directly without the assistance of our Escrow service. If you and your client opt to use this method ensure that you obtain ALL information and make sure that they have agreed to a Work Agreement before moving forward. You'll want to make sure that payment arrangements and amounts are clearly outlined and agreed upon. It is best to obtain a retainer upfront before starting any recording for a new client.

Remember, you are not obligated to continue moving forward if you are contacted about a possible work opportunity and you feel uncomfortable. It will be up to you to check out this client and report any suspicious activity. We will be happy to note this information in the client account however we will not be responsible for following up about non-payment issues as a result of a direct contact.

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