Why are some job postings closed so quickly after they have been posted?

Reasons Why Some Jobs Are Closed So Quickly

Setting a Deadline

When a job is posted by a client they must provide a Response Deadline. Jobs will close, changing job states from Hiring to Deciding automatically at 11:59PM Central Time on this date. While this is the date by which the job will stop accepting new auditions, it is not necessarily when the client wishes to make a decision on hiring. Many clients select a short audition time frame to narrow down the number of responses they receive. Some clients also wish to see how quickly talent are able to record an audition and reply as turnaround time is often a consideration when hiring.

Hiring Quickly

The client can close their posting at any time. If you find a job has stopped accepting auditions ahead of the deadline, it is either because the client has made a change or, less commonly, Voices.com had to shut the job down (see below).

A status of Deciding may be applied by the client ahead of their posted Response Deadline if they have received enough auditions or need to "turn off" submissions for some other reason. If a job is Cancelled or will not be moving forward, a client may close the project so that talent do not waste valuable time in auditioning for a "dead' project. You may see a Cancelled status appear instead.

Responding To Abuse Reports

While it is quite unusual, it is possible that a member of the community has reported abuse in relation to a job or client and Voices.com has closed the posting to protect our talent members upon researching the complaint.

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