Why are there no jobs displayed under the jobs tab?

Configuring Your Account To Show More Jobs

Your Hiring Tab
Which jobs you see listed in your Hiring tab is determined by the selections that you have made in your Profile Bio. Ensure that you have made selections in the Language, Age, Gender, and Special Skills sections as these are used by VoiceMatch to match your profile to job postings.

Job Notifications
While selections in your Bio will determine which jobs appear in your Hiring tab, your Account Settings selections will allow you to manage how job notifications are sent to you via email.

To access your email settings login to your Voices.com account and click your profile pic at the top-right (if you have not yet uploaded a profile pic you will see a head and shoulders in silhouette and click Account Settings.

Here you can select the format of your email notifications (HTML or plain text) and set budget limits so that you are notified of jobs that meet your personal budget threshold.

NB: Once you have modified your account to see more jobs, you will need to wait until new opportunities are posted that match your Profile. Making the changes to your Profile or Settings will not show you jobs that were posted prior to you making changes (i.e. this is not retroactive).

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