Why can't I find my profile in the search?

Finding Your Profile in the Search

There are a number of reasons that you may not be able to locate your profile using the search engine:

Have you uploaded any demos to your profile?
In order to return your profile as a search result you must have at least one demo uploaded to your profile. Without a demo your profile is effectively invisible to the search. To ensure visibility across a variety of searches it is a good idea to ensure that you have a short demo uploaded and assigned to a variety of categories.

Have you filled out your Demo Description and Profile Highlights?
Both of these fields can be searched by key word, so any adjectives and other descriptive words added to either field will improve search visibility.

Have you indicated where you are located in your Profile Highlights?
If you wish to land local work, be sure to include your city of residence in your Profile (or your closest metropolitan city if you live in a suburban area). If you can travel to surrounding cities then make a list of them in your profile as well. 
Have you entered First and Last name in your Profile and Demos areas?
It is a bit counter-intuitive but referring to yourself in the third person by using both your first and last name with make you more visible to searches. This is especially true if you have used a company name for your profile.

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