Why can't I find the Voices.com App for my Android?

Finding The Android App in the Google Play Store

If you can't seem to find the Voices.com Android app in the Google Play Store it is most likely because you have a device with an operating system older than Honeycomb. 
Our app is currently supported by Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. 
To find out what version your device is running please visit All Programs > Settings > About Phone and you will see your version number. 
Your Android automatically knows what apps are compatible with your current operating system so if you do not see our app available you may need to manually update your device or wait until you receive a notice that updates are available. 
Once your Android is updated you will be able download and use the Voices.com Android app. 
Some operating systems running old versions of Android may not support updates. Please contact your Android manufacturer or representative for more information.

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