Why hasn't my audition been listened to?

Understanding Why An Audition May Not Have Been Listened To

All clients review auditions at their own pace. Some will listen to each one, but there are numerous reasons why your audition may go unlistened.

Reasons Why Auditions Might Not Be Listened To

1. The client may not have started reviewing audition submissions.
2. The client may not have reviewed ALL submissions at this time and is still going through the casting process.
3. The client may have listened to a number of submissions and already made a hiring decision. At this point, they would not be likely to review additional submissions.
4. The client may have fulfilled their casting needs elsewhere and will not review further submissions. Clients in this situation are encouraged to mark their job as Completed or Cancelled so that talent are made aware that the job will not be moving forward.

How To Use The Listens Feature

The Listens feature lets you know if your audition has been listened to. Even if your audition has not yet been listened to, there is still the possibility of being heard. The client may still be listening to and reviewing audition submissions. Until a job in your Answered folder shows as Completed the client may yet hire.

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