Why is there a delay in me getting an email notification for a job posted to Voices.com?

Explaining Email Delays

Are you noticing a delay in the delivery time of a job email notification to your personal email account? Have you already auditioned for a job and then received the email notice?

Although we cannot provide you with a definite answer to your questions, there are a number of possible explanations.

Sending Out Emails Upon Approval

Our server immediately sends out an email notification as soon as the job is approved by the job posting manager. To confirm that this is working we have several talent test accounts set up through which we receive the email notifications. Generating and sending notifications is usually a matter of a few seconds, so the lag is typically no more than a couple of minutes between the approval time and the message delivery time.

Contacting Your Email Service Provider

Every email provider handles receipt and delivery of mail slightly differently and mail traffic will fluctuate throughout the day. Most delays are easily accounted for as part of the daily ebb and flow.

That said, b
etween job notifications, Job and Profile status updates, and message traffic Voices.com is a very high volume sender. As a result, notification emails are on occasion misidentified as Spam and blocked, redirected or delayed. If you are seeing significant delays be sure to check your Junk or Spam folder, add "no-reply@voices.com" to your Contacts or safe-sender list, and reach out to your provider, especially if messages appear to have stopped entirely.

Staying Logged In To The Website

If you are consistently logged into your Voices.com account and looking at your Hiring folder then you're going to be auditioning before you get the emails since your account is immediately updated and is not dependent on your email account finding and delivering the email notices.

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