Why isn't there an audition rating system?

Understanding Why There Isn't An Audition Rating System

One reason why we do not allow clients to rate auditions is because we feel that the ratings should only be given by people who have actually done business with you.

Years ago we tried a star rating system that allowed clients to rate your demos and auditions but found that clients were using the stars as a way to sort talent, not give them actual feedback on their voice or performance.

As a result, the ratings were out of context and irrelevant, and for some people, turned out to be harmful and unfounded. Even if you had auditioned well, sent in clean audio and so on, if a client didn't think you were the right person for the job, they'd give you a lower ranking (I think you'll agree that this would be unfair and out of context) which would then affect your overall statistics.

Also, some talent were abusing the system and having people (friends, family, etc.) rate them to boost their rankings. This didn't bode well. There were also some concerns that other talent may have been trying to sabotage their competitors by giving their demos a lower ranking.

I trust you can appreciate why we decided that this form of giving feedback wasn't the best way to go! This is why we only allow feedback (Reviews) based upon a transaction at Voices.com in a rating and reviews manner.

Clients do have access to an Audition Feedback tool that permits them to identify technical or performance issues which they can use at their discretion should they wish to share any personal feedback regarding your auditions. Any such feedback will appear in your My Audition tab below your bid and proposal.

While clients are often too busy to do this, some do show their appreciation or positive response to your audition by Liking your auditions or adding talent demos to their Favorites list to reference for future work opportunities.

The ultimate feedback you can receive from a client is booking the job. Auditioning is prospecting. There is no greater affirmation of your audition in a client's eyes than being selected to record for their project.

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