Why won't my WAV file upload?

Understanding When And Why WAV Files Won't Upload

Are you attempting to upload a WAV format file as a Profile demo or as an audition file for a job posting?

In order for your audio files to play back through the site audio players, they need to be in MP3 format, at 128 kbps with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. The site players do not accept any other file type for audition demos or for your Profile.

When clients indicate a file format in a job posting, they are referring to the type of file they will need for the final recording, not for the audition.

Clients typically only listen to 10-15 seconds of a demo before moving on to the next one so it is recommended that you limit your demo size to 1MB for auditions and 2MB for demos uploaded to your Profile.

If you are trying to upload a WAV file for a job through escrow you'll just need to be a little patient. It can take longer for WAV files to upload due to their larger size.

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