Would it be wise to seek education in this field if I am truly interested?

Seeking An Education in The Field of Voice Acting

Just like in any career, it is a good idea to prepare yourself and get a firm grasp of what is expected of a professional voice talent. If you would like to explore the voice-over field by doing some preliminary research first, you can visit the websites of professional voice talent, study voice-over resources at Voices.com, listen to voice-over demos online, visit voice talent chat forums, and read a book about voice-overs at our site or borrow one from your local library. 
You may already have done some of this research and have decided to train with a voice teacher. Many conduct private lessons, but some do offer tele-classes and seminars. You can find teachers by looking in your telephone book, by asking other voice talent for a referral, or by searching online for a teacher that you would like to work with.

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