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How do I submit a custom demo for an audition?

Uploading Your Custom Demo A custom demo is a voice sample that you have recorded from a client's script for a specific job opportunity. To safe...

Is there a standard audio format for an online audition?

Adhering To The Standard Audio Format The standard audition would generally be a 30-60 second recording of dry voice, meaning no music or sound ef...

Is there a voice over words-to-hours converter?

Converting Words to Hours of Run Time Have you ever wondered how long it might take you to record a given script?   If all you are armed with is...

What are Templates? How do I create, edit or delete them?

Working Smarter with Templates Templates is a private storage area that can be used to create and store text templates used for auditioning purpos...

What are the non-union rates for voice-over work?

Budgeting The Right Amount For Voice Over Work We've updated our rates page to better reflect the process necessary for considering both client b...

What do I charge for ongoing use of original recording?

Charging For Ongoing Use of an Original Recording Since most of the hard work has already been completed, billed out and paid for, we would suggest ...

What should I write in the proposal field?

Writing a Persuasive Proposal At a minimum your Proposal should greet a client (by name if a Contact has been provided in the About section of the jo...

Why isn't there an audition rating system?

Understanding Why There Isn't An Audition Rating System One reason why we do not allow clients to rate auditions is because we feel that the rati...

Can a client use my audition without my permission?

Recording The Script as Part of Your Audition When you receive an invitation to audition for a voice over job, a client will, in most cases, inclu...

My demo won't upload. Why not?

MP3 File Format Required Our servers only accept MP3 format for demo files and auditions. The ideal bit rate is 128 kbps and your sample rate should b...

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