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Can you refer a good voice acting book?

Reading Great Books on Voice Acting One of the easiest and fastest ways to get a handle on the voice acting field and voice industry as a whole is...

Do you have any teleseminars or webinar tutorials available?

Listening To Pre-Recorded Teleseminars And Webinars has pre-recorded teleseminars available for download via the following link: http...

Does location or where I live matter as a voice talent working online?

Realizing That Location Doesn't Matter Location is irrelevant. That's the great thing about the voice over business. It really does not ma...

How can I be added to the Recently Hired List?

Getting Added To The Recently Hired List In order to be listed on the Recently Hired List you must complete your project through the Su...

How can I improve my audio editing skills?

Improving Your Audio Editing Skills To start, buy a book that covers the specific software that you use.   If you use Adobe Audition, then try...

How do I become a guest blogger and submit an article for Vox Daily?

Writing For VOX Daily If you'd like to be a contributor to our community, we'd love to have you on board as a guest blogger.  Picking a Topi...

I am an on-camera actor. Why should I try voice-acting?

Transitioning From On-Camera Actor to Voice Actor Have you ever wondered if the grass is greener on the other side? Some of Hollywood's leadin...

I want to be a singer. How do I become a singer?

Becoming a Singer is an online marketplace for voice over artists, providing them with marketing tools and resources to better promote...

Should I join a union? Why or why not?

Comparing Freelance and Union WorkUnion Work Often perceived as a sign of professional status, being accepted into an entertainment union is like the...

Should I let clients know I have recorded from the iPhone app?

Informing Clients That You Did The Audition With Your iPhone Yes. It is a good idea for you to tell the client that you have recorded the audition...

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