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Do I need a picture of myself to promote my voice?

Promoting Yourself With A Photo Do you have a photo or a graphical image that represents you as a voice actor? A commonly held belief is that pho...

Does Have a Vacation Setting?

Vacationing and If you are going to be away from your studio you can leave a note to that effect via the Vacation Status field.You can set ...

How do I add or edit an image to my account?

Adding a Photo to Your Profile Here's a quick tutorial on how to add a picture to your profile at Ensure your image is saved to your ...

How do I navigate the Profile pages?

Navigating The Profile Profiles have three (3) unique sections: BioDemosReviews Bio The Bio page displays most text information including your voi...

How do I remove my job or profile page from the Google search results?

Preventing Google From Indexing Your Profile At you have the option to have your profile and job postings removed from Google indexing fro...

What determines what I see on the Hiring tab?

Understanding What You Are Seeing On The Hiring Tab The Hiring list under Jobs within your account displays posted/open jobs based on the information ...

Why has my account been deleted?

Understanding Why Your Profile May Have Been Removed If you find that your Guest account has been removed there could be several reasons why.   ...

My demo won't upload. Why not?

MP3 File Format Required Our servers only accept MP3 format for demo files and auditions. The ideal bit rate is 128 kbps and your sample rate should b...

How does the search engine work?

The Search Engine The search engine is driven by the contents of your profile and audio files and works similarly for on both th...

What is the Recently Hired List?

Highlighting The Most Recently Hired Talent The Recently Hired list showcases talent who have completed a job and been paid through Sur...

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What is a Posting Fee?

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What is’s position regarding non-union vs union jobs?

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How do/can I audition for a Union job?

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Why is now offering Union jobs?

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How do I remove a sub-account?