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Why do I need to provide my full mailing address in my account for payments?

Sending Payments To Your Mailing Address The reason we request that you enter this information directly into your account is because on occasion, ...

Why has my account been deleted?

Understanding Why Your Profile May Have Been Removed If you find that your Guest account has been removed there could be several reasons why.   ...

Why is the main currency US dollars?

Selecting a Currency For The Website Voices recognizes that the vast majority of website visitors and customers are based in the United States.Offerin...

Ad Lib

A spontaneous spoken addition or alteration to a written script.


Automated Dialogue Replacement in a film. A process where actors replace dialogue in a film or video. A typical ADR session involves not only the reco...


AFTRA: American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. A union for Radio and TV actors and voice actors.


A person or group of people who represent talent and bring them into their facility to audition, or arrange for an actor to audition for casting direc...


Also known as airtime, its the media time slotted for a commercial, hence on the air.

Air Check

A recorded portion of a radio program for demonstration purposes.


The continuous SFX behind voice-over suggesting the monologue or dialogue in a specific setting, like a hospital, restaurant, retail store, gas statio...

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