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How can I send a message to the voice talent?

Sending Messages In order to contact a talent at via your Messages tab you must have responses to a Self Service job posting. This is to ...

How do I add talent to my Favorites list?

Adding a Talent To Your Favorites List There are a number of ways to add a voice talent to your Favorites list for future contact. You can do so: Fr...

How do I get on the Favorites list?

Getting On The Favorites List The Top 100 Favorites List is a ranking of the voice talent who have been added to our clients' Favorites lists ...

How do I invite talent to a voice over job?

Inviting Talent To Audition For Your Job Have some specific talent in mind for your next voice over project? There are a number of ways that you can ...

I posted a job and have a talent in mind but they have not auditioned, how do I hire them?

Hiring a Specific Talent In order for you to Hire a specific talent they must first have responded to your Self-Service job posting with an audition....

What is the directory?

Understanding The Directory The Directory is a categorized list of voice talent by area of expertise.  The purpose of the Directory is to provide cl...

How does the search engine work?

The Search Engine The search engine is driven by the contents of your profile and audio files and works similarly for on both th...

What is the Recently Hired List?

Highlighting The Most Recently Hired Talent The Recently Hired list showcases talent who have completed a job and been paid through Sur...

How Do I Get On The Top 100 Lists?

There are four Top 100 lists featured on, each with different criteria determining which talent appear on a given list.   Here is a breakd...

Which members are included on the Favorites list?

Becoming Familiar With The Favorites People appearing in this list have been selected by clients as Favorites. Clients can add you to their list by c...

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What is a Posting Fee?

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Will a Platform Fee be charged on Union jobs?

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What is’s position regarding non-union vs union jobs?

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How do/can I audition for a Union job?

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