Voice Over App: Using Voices's Mobile App to Audition On the Go

The Professional's Guide To Voice Acting

Voice over apps, like Voices’s mobile app, enable voice talent to easily audition on the go. So whether you’re on vacation, or simply away from the studio, you’ll always be able to seize voice over job opportunities.

After all, who knows when that perfect job with a whirlwind turnaround time will appear on voice casting sites? Fortunately, in today’s day and age, all you truly need in order to produce a quality recording of a custom audition is your mobile device and a high-quality mic attachment.

While it’s perfectly fine, and even encouraged, to periodically take time off to rest your voice so you can return to the studio fresh and rejuvenated, you may still want to travel with some lightweight, backup equipment in tow. If you do plan on continuing to record your voice and audition when you’re on the go, it can’t hurt to optimize your smartphone’s features and have a portable microphone handy. The audio quality of recordings made on mobile devices is now higher than ever, so it makes sense to stay on top of your industry so you can be ready to pounce whenever the right role comes along.

Features Available on the Voices Mobile App

Voices’s free mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The voice over app gives both talent and clients full visibility of their entire account, allowing them to perform all the same actions that they would be able to from their desktop computer. The app also allows users to access Voices, no matter where they are.

Voices voice over app features:

  1. View and edit your profile bio, feedback, and demos
  2. Get instant access to new job postings and view updates in real-time
  3. Reply to jobs on the go by submitting a proposal, quote, and audio file of your custom recording
  4. Record custom auditions directly on your mobile device
  5. View your inbox messages and communicate with clients to keep your projects on track
  6. Access your payments and view the total of how much you’ve earned using Voices

Recording auditions using the Voices app is a simple and straightforward process. However, given the file size of a typical voice over job, if you are awarded a job, you will have to record and upload the final project from your home studio or personal computer. In turn, your client must download your files, approve them, and release the payment from their own computer.

Finding the Right iPhone Microphone or Android Microphone Attachment

It’s entirely possible to produce an impressive voice recording using nothing more than the built-in mic on your mobile device, and there are various steps you can take toward sound reduction, from wearing headphones to drown out background noise, to enclosing yourself beneath a pillow or blanket fort (it really works!).

However, while smartphone cameras can be used to shoot professional feature films, default smartphone microphones have yet to reach that same level of quality with audio. It’s safe to say that your recording will be far stronger and higher quality if you seek out compatible microphones that can be attached to your device.

Note: If you’re on the go and don’t have a mic attachment handy, it’s best to let your client know your situation, i.e. that you’re highly interested in the job, but that you’re currently away from your studio, so that you recorded the audition using your phone’s built-in mic.

If your voice is right for the project, recording your custom audition on your phone shouldn’t be a major hindrance. The client simply needs to be reassured that you can get the job done should they hire you for the gig.

Here are a few of our recommended mics that you can use to record professional sound quality while on the go:

  • Rode VideoMic Me: This lightweight mic from Australian-based manufacturer is best suited for dialogue and interviews. It can connect directly to your iPhone or iPad, and its rear headphone jack allows you to listen to the audio at the same time as you record it.
  • Blue Microphones Blue Raspberry: A condenser mic that records stereo sound from all directions, the Blue Raspberry uses an acoustic diffuser to focus in on vocals while minimizing background noise. It delivers 24-bit, studio-quality sound directly to your PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Shure MV88: This iOS-compatible digital condenser model mounts at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad, can automatically adjust equalization, compression, and limiting, and even comes with its own app.
  • Apogee MiC 96k Professional: Better suited for tuned rooms than adverse outdoor conditions, this high-quality microphone captures audio so crisp it sounds as if it were recorded from a professional studio. Compatible with any Apple device, it can function as a microphone, a microphone preamplifier, and ADC all in one.