Recording Auditions Using Mobile Devices

The voice-over profession is one where the talent rarely take time off. For many voice talent who are travelling or ‘on vacation’ it is nearly irresistible for them not to take work along for the ride. Why? Because they can!

Why lose out on a job when you can take an hour to record it in your hotel room? Why pass an audition up when you can pull off the road for fifteen minutes to record at the nearest rest stop?

With the mobile landscape awash in apps, and a little noise reduction ingenuity, talent can record anywhere at any time. As a result, voice talent feel emboldened to do more with their mobile devices.

While most of us working in technology companies and digital media are aware of the mobile Internet tsunami, some of the uninitiated are unaware how good the quality of your recordings can be from your mobile device.

Auditioning While On the Go

There are many voice-over recording apps out there and has created a free app for all mobile devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android so that no matter where you are you can maximize your ability to audition while out of the studio.

Whether you're recording auditions on-the-go or while your computer is in the repair shop, our apps allow you to manage all aspects of your account including sending and recording auditions right from your mobile devices.

You can:

  • Promote your Profile, view and edit all details including your Bio, Feedback and Demos.
  • Instantly access new job postings and view updates in real-time.
  • Reply to jobs on-the-go by submitting a proposal, quote and audio recording.
  • Record custom auditions right on your mobile device.
  • See all your messages in the Inbox and communicate with clients to keep your projects on track.
  • View your Payments and see how much you've earned doing voice-overs.

The app is also designed to meet your client’s needs while they’re on-the-go, too! Clients are able to:

  • View your profile, check out your feedback ratings, and listen to your demos.
  • Post their jobs.
  • Review your proposal, quote and play your audition.
  • Award the job to you and submit an escrow payment.
  • Communicate with you through the internal messaging system.

The app allows you to record auditions but because of the size and amount of files for typical voice-over jobs you will need to record and upload the final project from your home studio or from your personal computer. In turn, the client must use a PC in order to download your files, approve them, and release the payment.

Built-in Mic vs. Mic Attachment

Although you can record your voice using the built in mic on your mobile device, you’ll get a much better recording if you attach a compatible microphone. Then put on your earbuds or headphones and use a little ingenuity for sound reduction (build a blanket fort - it really works!) and you’ll produce surprisingly good results.

If you happen not to have a separate mic with you, it is best to let the client know that you’re interested in the job but are away from your studio so recorded the audition on your mobile device.

Just be sure to mention that you do have a professional grade studio at home. They need to be reassured that you can get the job done, and get it done well, should they decide to hire you for the gig.

There are many mics available to help you record professional quality sound while on-the-go. Here are a few to consider:

IK Multimedia iRig Mic

The iRig Mic is a handheld condenser mic that will give you professional quality sound from your iOS or Android devices. It can also be attached to any regular microphone stand for hands-off stability and comes with a mini-jack connector and 2m/6.5 ft. cable so you can keep your device at a convenient distance to operate the app.

Blue Spark Digital & Blue Mikey Digital

If you use iOS devices then the Blue products could be right for you. While not available for Android users, Blue Spark Digital and Blue Mikey are made specifically for iPads and iPhones. Rather than a full microphone, the Mikey Digital is just an enclosed capsule that plugs into the 30-pin iOS connector, sort of turning the device itself into a portable mic. It has a 230-degree rotating design, records in stereo (has two capsules actually), and has a line input.

Apogee Microphone

Apogee created MiC a high quality microphone adapted for the iPhone, iPad and MAC computers. It’s a cardioid condenser mic that produces a professional sounding recording. If you find yourself on the road a lot and you have an iPad, check this one out for sure.