How Do I Edit My Feedback?

Can I edit my feedback on

What is Feedback?

Keep track of what others are saying about your work through your ratings and reviews. Get feedback from clients who hire you using through using our secure online payment service, SurePay. You may not edit feedback left for you however if you are unsatisfied with your rating you may contact you client who can request an edit to their submission.

Why Does Feedback Matter?

At some point in your life, you've probably hired someone, either in a corporate environment or a freelancer online.  Either way, you likely factored their references into your hiring decision.  Same goes for purchasing a product online.  We all look at the reviews a product received from other buyers, right?  In the same way, feedback from previous clients is a way to build up credibility, establish trust and ease any concerns about the hiring process.

What Happens if I Get Bad Feedback?

We all want a perfect record of delivering a great service for our clients.  Sometimes, we fall short of perfection and the feedback ratings reflect that.  If the feedback is justified, it will remain on your profile.  If you feel that the feedback was incorrectly made (such as glowing remarks in the review area, but they only gave you a 1-star), then we can certainly look into it.  Ask us if you're concerned and we'll do what we can to straighten out the matter.

Your Reputation Online

Clients build up feedback because it makes attracting great talent to audition for their jobs easier.  Similarly, voice talent build up feedback ratings and reviews because it demonstrates that they have a track record of producing high quality work, meeting tight deadlines and communicating in a professional manner.  Feedback at becomes part of your overall online reputation.

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