How Do I Get Paid?

How do I edit my SurePay payment settings?

How do I get paid for voice over work?

Most voice talent at use SurePay to get paid for voice over work. SurePay is our escrow payment service that enables a client to make a full deposit up front and have the deposit held until files are delivered through the website.

The SurePay system manages payments made by VISA, Mastercard or through PayPal for you. For larger clients, we'll even issue an invoice and collect a check from the company or organization.

Where do I confirm my payment preference?

You can control your payout preferences via the SurePay Settings link in your account. You may choose one of two options.

  1. PayPal — enter in your PayPal email address
  2. Check in USD — make sure your mailing information is present in your profile

The default payment setting is PayPal and if you have not entered a PayPal email address payment will be sent via PayPal to your contact email address.

If you select Check as your payout preference you will need to make sure you have completed your full mailing information in your contact information.

When are SurePay payments sent?

Set your payment preference in your account settings. You can choose either PayPal or Check. Funds released between Saturday and Friday will be paid out the following Friday. As mentioned a moment ago, we send your earnings according to your payment preference. If you choose PayPal, we even cover the PayPal fees. If you choose check, you'll receive a corporate check mailed to you which typically takes 10-15 days. Either way, you can rest assured that work completed through is guaranteed to be paid for.

Payment is by default sent to the email address listed in your contact information. If you need to update your SurePay payment information please contact us as soon as possible.

If you are concerned about not receiving your SurePay deposit please email the Job ID and your concern to our Finance Department.

When Do I Get Paid?

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