How Do I Reply To A Job Posting?

How do I audition for voice-over jobs online?

Online Audition Process

You can either audition directly from an email notification by clicking the "Reply to Job" button or by visiting the Leads tab in your account. To audition for a job posting, click on the link to the job under the Jobs tab. This will bring you to the project details. If this project interests you, click on "Reply To Job". Once you have clicked on "Reply To Job", you will land on the 'Online Audition' page to submit your proposal.

The 3 Elements of an Audition at

When auditioning, you are given the opportunity to include a brief proposal, your MP3 demo and a price quote for the client to review.


The proposal is like a cover letter and your chance to sell yourself in written form.  The most rewarded auditions that clients consider when they are looking for a voice include custom written proposals for their project. A persuasive and relevant note will catch more eyes quickly than even the most creative demo. 

Dear Client,
I have included a sample and quote that will suit your project. Visit my webpage for more samples should you require a different style of read. My rate is negotiable and my estimated turnaround time is 24 hours depending on the length of the final product, dry voice only. I look forward to working with you.


When a client posts a job on, they will select a budget range or state a fixed budget, meaning a flat fee for the work.  Broadly speaking, it's best to submit your quote within the range of the client's budget.  Input your fee into the "Talent's Fee" field and we will add on a 10% transaction fee.  This fee is for our SurePay Escrow service, the way that all payments are processed on  You'll see the total

Audio File

If there is a script attached to the job posting, recommends recording a portion of the client’s script for auditioning purposes.  To upload a custom demo or file that is not available in your Demos, click on the "Browse" button to locate the file on your computer hard drive. You will receive a confirmation that your audition was submitted successfully once you have clicked on "Submit" to conclude the auditioning process. If the client hasn't attached a script, you can send an MP3 that you have already uploaded to your Profile  instead of uploading a new demo. This saves you time and makes the auditioning process an enjoyable experience. Include a demo from your Profile by selecting "Attach Existing MP3". This will give you a drop down menu of all the files from your profile. Click on the file that you would like to audition with, and then click "Submit" to conclude the auditioning process.

A record of your audition will be recorded in your "Answered Jobs" for future reference.

Written by Stephanie Ciccarelli

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