How Do I Upload My Demos?

How do I edit a demo on

How do I add or upload a demo to my website?

To get started, here's a quick guide on how to upload a demo.

Record and save your voice-over demo on your personal computer as an MP3 file. If you haven't recorded a demo yet, click here to download the free PDF guide on how to make a voice-over demo.

Login to your account at (, and click on Demos in the left-hand column under Profile, then Add Demo. Next, click the 'Browse' button to find your MP3 file that you want to add from your computer.

TITLE: Add a descriptive title that best reflects the nature of your demo, i.e. Commercials, Real Estate Listings, Telephone Prompts, and so on.

ORDER ON DEMO PAGE: You can arrange your demos by assigning a number in the order box. NOTE: If you assign two different demos the same number, the system will default the demo order alphabetically. You can also choose your demo as a Primary, or the first demo displayed in search results.

LANGUAGE: Select the language of your demo from the drop down list provided

CATEGORY: Choose an appropriate demo category using the handy drop down list provided for you.

TAGS: Tags are keywords that improve your search results. To select multiple tags, hold down your CTRL or Option key while clicking.

Click on the "Save" button. You're done!

How do I select a Primary Demo and Determine Demo Order?

How do I reorder my demos on

If you want to change the demo that is appearing on your profile page all you have to do is go to your demos section and pick your new "Primary demo". Whatever demo is selected as your primary demo via a check box in the Edit mode, will be the one displayed on your profile page. If you have not determined a primary demo than the first demo on your demos page will be listed on your profile page by default.

Now, if you want to change the order of your voice-over demos on your profile, simply drag the demos up-and-down the page. Once you've got the demos in the order you want, click the green "Update Order" button that will appear. Your best demos should be listed first as these will often be the first ones clients review.

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