What Is Profile Completeness?

Why a Complete Profile Is Important?

Having a complete profile is paramount in attracting clients who use Voices.com to find voice talent. It's your profile that is evaluated on professionalism, experience, credibility and trustworthiness. Additionally, having a complete profile ensures that you'll be found in the Voices.com search engine, a popular option used by many clients when searching for talent.

Profile Completeness Score

To encourage you to complete your profile, you have a completeness score that indicates how much you've already accomplished, as well as what's left to do. This score is displayed as a percentage. For example, a score of 85% means that you've achieved 85 out of the possible 100 points. To attain full completeness, check to see what needs to be added to for a perfect score of 100.

Criteria Points
Total 100
First name 4
Last name 4
Address 4
City 4
State / Province 4
Country 4
Zip / Postal Code 4
Phone number 4
Email 4
Photo or image 4
Voice description 5
Accents 5
Gender 5
Primary language 5
Ages 5
Unions 5
Special skills 5
Experience 5
Demos (upload at least 1 demo) 10
Testimonials (add at least 1 testimonial) 5
Client list (add at least 1 company) 5
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