What Is SurePay?

How does Voices.com transaction and payment system work?


SurePay is the escrow and file delivery service developed for the voice over marketplace. Find professional voice talent, send payment and download your files — all at Voices.com. The client's deposit includes the payment of a 10% transaction fee to cover the complete billing and payment process, including banking and credit card processing charges.

  1. Find The Right Voice Talent For Your Project

    It all starts with finding the right voice talent for your project. You can:

  2. Make a Job Offer

    Within the hour, check back to view responses by clicking on your Responses tab. You can listen to MP3 samples and even compare quotes for your project. Once you've found the best candidate, award your job by clicking "Select This Voice". By doing so, you will be prompted to attach a final script, confirm the deadline and final price including a modest escrow fee.

  3. The Deposit

    When a voice talent receives and accepts your Job Offer, you will be directed to make a deposit with our SurePay Escrow Service. The deposit is for the full amount as displayed in the "Payment Details" of the agreement.

  4. The Recording & File Delivery

    Once the deposit is made, the voice talent is notified and proceed to recording your script. When they have completed the work, the voice talent will upload the files to your account at Voices.com, where the will be stored for you to retrieve.

  5. Downloading the Files & Accepting The Work

    The voice talent has fulfilled their end of the agreement, and now you just need to download the material and accept the work as complete. You'll receive an email inviting you to download your files. If it all sounds good to you simply click "I accept" to release the funds and pay the talent in full for their work.

  6. Payment is Sent

    When you click "I Accept" this action also notifies Voices.com to release the payment for the voice talent which is sent to them by PayPal. This way, you can be sure that the talent has fulfilled their end of the agreement before funds are released. Payments sent to a voice talent's PayPal account from Voices.com's Escrow account are then withdrawn into their personal or business bank account.

  7. Giving & Receiving Feedback

    To complete this business transaction, you'll have an opportunity to leave feedback about your experience working with the voice talent you hired at Voices.com. Feedback consists of a 5 star rating and a brief review providing further details to support your star rating.

  8. Congratulations! You're Done.

    You've successfully hired a professional voice over talent.   You've now experienced working with some of the best voice talent in the world, completed your job quickly and with the security of knowing your payment was safe and the files would be delivered using the award winning Voices.com web service. If you need help at anytime, you can reach us toll-free at 1-888-359-3472, or by email.

Why does Voices.com have SurePay?
SurePay Escrow gives peace of mind to clients and talent
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