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From the Grassroots to the Government: Partnering for Public Health

This was a piece translated for care international, this article was supposed to provide people with a little bit of background on what the non-profit company does.

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All About English to Czech Translation

If you really want to break into the Czech market in an authentic and impactful manner, there's no better way to make your mark than by working with an English to Czech translator. With a seasoned English to Czech translator at the helm of your communication materials, your words will be well equipped to strike a cord with fluent Czech speakers, readers, and consumers. Hire one of our competent English to Czech translators to get a polished message that can grow your audience in the Czech Republic and beyond.

When you publish and distribute content in Czech, then you're in a good position to win over an audience based in the Czech Republic. Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic, but it is also recognized as a minority language in Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. There are over 10 million people who live in the Czech Republic, making it the fifteenth most populous country in Europe, with more inhabitants than the likes of Sweden, Portugal, or Austria. There are roughly 10 million people who speak Czech as their mother tongue.

In fact, the world's Czech speakers aren't solely contained within Europe. There are significant Czech communities spread throughout different parts of the US states of Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Illinois, and New York.

Czech is mutually intelligible with Slovak, meaning that speakers of either language can understand and communicate with one another to a high degree. If your ad campaign or multimedia script is written in Czech, then it's likely that speakers of other languages that are closely related to Czech will have the capacity to understand your message.

Sourcing an experienced English to Czech language translator will help your message evolve according to both grammatical and cultural nuances that differ between English and Czech. For example, Czech capitalization doesn't follow all of the same rules that English does. Most proper nouns are capitalized in Czech, except for articles such as "street" or "station." In fact, a poll found that over half of Czech speakers don't understand the rules of capitalization in Czech. However, if you want your text to be professional and grammatically correct, it is essential to work with someone who knows the language and its rules like the back of their hand.

Known for its numerous castles, high consumption of beer, and love of hockey and tennis, the Czech Republic both has one of the most stable economies of all the post communist states, and also routinely ranks within the top ten safest countries of the world to live in.

Make inroads to the Czech market by molding your message into Czech with one of our English to Czech translators. Sign up and browse through our language translation experts to find the right professional to fulfill your Czech translation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About 10 million people reside in the Czech Republic.

The city of Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.

Yes, Czech is a Slavic language. Czech specifically belongs to the West Slavic sub branch of the Slavic language family.