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Abdul Haseeb

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Karachi, Pakistan

Translate english to French, Italian, German, spenish, Russian and al

I translate english to all country languages i translate last about 10 years i give my services to client as in family envoirment

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Malik shahzaib

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Gujranwala, Pakistan

Translation sample

You can satisfy satisfactory on me

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Afonja Olamide

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Abeokuta, Nigeria

A portfolio of translation of french to english language

i was involved in the translation of french language to english language for a local buisnessin my community.i am always happy to contribute in any small way to their growth

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Samy Brenton

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Yaoundé, Cameroon

15-Second Automotive Commercial Sample: English to French translation

15-Second Automotive Commercial Sample Script is sample script crafted by Voices, with a focus on the automotive industry, and showcase fictional automotive brands. This sample was chosen to showcase my abilities, as it contains some words whose translation is tricky.

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Mustafa Ali

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Le monde entre dans des circonstances très critiques. Chaque pays a se

Il s'agit d'informations sur l'état actuel du monde entier. Il n'y a aucune fiabilité, chaque pays a sa position dynamique. Chaque pays a ses propres problèmes, l'agenda de ses partis politiques et également de nombreuses conditions critiques dans la situation actuelle. Ils ne coopèrent pas les uns

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Souha Chanti

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I'm a professional English to French translator

This is a page of a 260 pages book that i translated from English to French it called Give and Take

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Samuel Orheria

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United Kingdom

flawless English to French translation

I will research what needs researching, ask you questions if I'm unsure about something, and go the extra mile to deliver the best possible translation.

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Ghazanfar Hussain

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Lahore, Pakistan

portfolio sample

Clients and Voice Talent

English to French Food + 2 More
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Traduire anglais en français et d'autres langues internationales

Bonjour Nshimirimana Ibrahim est un traducteur des langues internationales anglais, francais, spagnol,chinois,swahili,portugais,italiano,espéranto, il répond à toutes offres de traduire livres, audio,vidéo,script,blog,.... fait aussi de voice over,merci à votre avance

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Jen Jen

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English to Spanish

convert English article in spanish

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Meg Boname

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Translation from English to French.

I'm half American from my father's side and half french from my mother's side. I find great pleasure in speaking and writing in those two languages. I have a great ear and I know how to make translation sound great and real when you read them.

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Mouhamadou mangue faye

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Dakar, Senegal

I can speak and write english and french

This is a text about marriage in Africa that i translated in French by taking into account the structural differencies of the two languages, which when not taken into account can change the meaning of the sentences.

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All About English to French Translation

Bonjour! Are you in search of a skilled translator with professional experience translating English to French?

When you need the words of your project translated, locating the ultimate translator for your specific needs is critical. Whether you're working on a video script, a voice over radio spot, formal documents, or a blog post or news article, ensuring that your work receives a comprehensive, detailed translation from English to French will guarantee that the nuances of either language are taken into account and that there are no novice mistakes in the copy.

You've come to the right place to hire an expert who is proficient in translation between English and French. Translating text from English to French requires a thorough understanding of both languages, in addition to the myriad ways that the languages are applied in different contexts: colloquially, formally, throughout different regions, etc. Different translation services are required for different outputs, which is why we've amassed an expansive lineup of diverse, professional translators who can take care of the complex process of converting your text from one language to another, while meeting the completion speed, budget, and regional needs of your project.

Are you expanding your offerings globally, venturing into a new market, or working with new clients?

English and French are two of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In fact, they are both among the top five most spoken languages globally.

English is spoken by over 2 billion people worldwide. It has the status of global lingua franca, and it is the dominant language throughout what is sometimes termed the 'Anglosphere,' which includes the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the Commonwealth Caribbean countries, such as Barbados, The Bahamas, and Jamaica. When you have a project that is produced in the English language, you are inherently capable of communicating with a vast portion of the North American and European markets, and well beyond.

There are roughly 280 million French speakers in the world. By translating your English project into the French language, you're tapping into another one of the largest, most valuable global markets. As one of the mainstay markets in the European continent, France is often viewed as the international capital of high fashion, luxury, fine wines, design focused brands, and gourmet food.

France has a remarkably strong media industry. Television is one of its most popular mediums, with TF1 and Canal+ serving as some of its biggest broadcasters that serve both domestic audiences and overseas territories. Over 100 daily newspapers are published and circulated in and around France, including world famous Le Monde. France is also home to the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most prestigious European film festivals in history. France is revered for its many contributions throughout the history of cinema.

French is the official language of France, and the first language of nearly 90% of the country's population. A member of the Romance language family, French is one of the most popular mother tongues in the European Union. However, French is also spoken in regions of Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, and the United States. There are additionally a variety of French based creole languages, including Haitian Creole and Louisiana Creole. In fact, Haitians represent the largest community of people in the world who speak a modern creole language.

There are a number of different French accents, including Parisian, Standard International, and French Quebecois. Hiring the right English to French translator for your project is the best way to ensure that your project takes accents, dialects, and other regional nuances into consideration. Parisian French, for example, is typically the dialect of French taught to those learning it as a second language. When Parisian French is spoken, its speakers tend to integrate certain English words into their dialogue. For example, 'le deadline' translates to 'the deadline.'

There are plenty of other variations of the way that French is translated and spoken depending on the regional context, which the English to French translator you hire will be sure to have a grasp on. In Belgium, for instance, French is influenced by Dutch both in terms of accent and vocabulary. In Belgium, the number 70 is 'septante,' whereas it's 'soixante dix' in Standard French. Regional speakers are well attuned to these distinctions, and failing to recognize them can make or break the accuracy of your work. These variances are crucial considerations, especially when your work is being translated to be spoken out loud by an actor.

Your perfect English to French translator will have the capacity to localize your message. Localization ensures that words, dialects, and cultural and social conventions are thought of when a work is translated for a particular target market. Hiring an English to French translator—a professional who comprehends in detail the specific way that your target market communicates through reading, writing, and speaking—will help you convey the emotion necessary to achieve your intended effect in everything from audiobooks to ad campaigns.

You need an English to French translator, and we've got one for you. By translating your English language work into French, you're positioning your project to make a genuine impact on the 280 million people around the world who communicate using the French language.

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You can find the right translator to take on your project's specific English to French translation needs right here on Voices. Voices features a number of talented translation freelancers who are well equipped to translate the language of your project from English to French.

While you can use Google Translate to translate from English to French, for a professional project you need to hire a translator. When you post an English to French Translation job on Voices, you'll have the opportunity to hire experienced translators who understand the linguistic nuances of both English and French. You'll be able to find the right freelance translator for you according to your budget and deadline.

The French language originates from Gallo Romance, a form of Latin spoken in Northern Gaul. Gaul was a region of Western Europe that encompasses present day France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and parts of Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany.