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Martin Koch

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English to German translation

I will translate from English to German

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mohamed abdalshafy

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English to German

The Only Voice Acting Strategy You’ll Need In 2022

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Tatjana Bluemler

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Mexico City, Mexico

Translation Sample

Novel translation sample

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Saba imran

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Karachi, Pakistan

Transalate English to German

Hello, I will translate English to German or German to English. I have experience of 5 years of in this field. I am also a graphic designer but my interest is more in translations.

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Myriam Bee

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Paris, France

Mobile App Sample Script - Commercial text from English to German

I translated a paragraph of the Voices' FotoHop Mobile App Sample Script featured in their Sample Library.

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Mary Roxanne Azucena

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Calapan, Philippines

German to Englisch or vice versa

I have been learning the language for almost a year now. Since I am not a native speaker, I am using the Linguee App as my dictionary and the website of verbformen for the conjugation of the verbs.

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Mubashir Hassan Khan

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Mianwali, Pakistan

Werbe- und Kommunikationsrelevanz von Konsumgütern

Ich habe viele Geschäftsprojekte durchgeführt, die mir geholfen haben, diese Faktoren zu erkennen. Als ich mein erstes Produkt auf Amazon auf den Markt brachte, machte ich verschiedene Erfahrungen. Hauptsache im Geschäft ist das Produkt. Produkt wird gut oder schlecht sein. Die zweite Sache, die bei

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Mpheme Gaothobogwe

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English to German

It is one of the voice over samples scripts translated from English to German. I translated what was written under the subtitle \"Voice actors looking for voice over practice scripts\".

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Danish Hanif

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Karachi, Pakistan

English to german

I'll translate English to German

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Jane Black

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English, German, french, Espanol, Latin, Hindi, Arabic, Russian

I can translate from English to Arabic and eight other languages and here is a documents I attended below showing a brief paragraph of the translation I did from English to German language.

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Ghazanfar Hussain

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Lahore, Pakistan

Voice Over Scripts

Feel free to use these sample voice over scripts! Keep in mind when auditioning for jobs, it is recommended to only provide a small portion of the read in your demo.

English to German Food + 2 More
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Vlastimir Pejic

Singen, Germany

For own purpose

It's my offer for the clients I use as a template.

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All About English to German Translation

Do you need your English copy translated into German as you expand your ad campaign into a Central and Western European market? How about the forms and contracts binding your next project, or the audiobook you're republishing for an entirely new audience situated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond? By hiring a seasoned English to German translator to lead you through the process of translating your work from English to German, you can move forward with your project with the certainty that no portion of your message will be lost in translation.

Hiring a professional freelance translator to take on the task of converting your project's text from English to German is undoubtedly the right way to go. Professional translators are well equipped to handle the regional variations of an English to German translation, no matter whether the resulting output is intended to be written text or a script that will be performed out loud. Voices has an abundant roster of English to German translators who can work within your budget and timeframe, and provide consultation and suggestions regarding all of your English to German translation needs.

English is a global lingua franca, or bridge language, so when your project has initially been conceived for an English market, you already have access to a broad audience in North America, Europe, and beyond. However, when you really need to communicate your message to your clients, listeners, or readers in Germany, then hiring a translator to reimagine your text from English to German is the ultimate way to achieve this.

There are around 81 million German speakers living in Germany, and millions more distributed throughout other countries around the world. In addition to Germany, there are five other countries for which German has official language status: Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The dialects of German spoken throughout these regions can differ from the standard German that is often taught abroad.

For example, there is Swiss German, which is also known as Alemannic. Swiss German is a group of dialects spoken mainly in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Roughly two thirds of the population of Switzerland communicate using Swiss German, and the language is sprinkled with words culled from the French vocabulary.

There are many worthwhile reasons and business applications for translating your English project into German. For one, the market for German speakers is incredibly vast. There are nearly 95 million people worldwide who speak German as their mother tongue, mostly hailing from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In fact, German is the most sought after foreign language (along with French) for businesses in the United Kingdom.

Germany is known for its traditional cuisine of bread, sausage (also called wurst), and beer, the latter of which is celebrated during Oktoberfest, Munich's world famous annual gathering. The nation is also often associated with its storied history—which is evidenced by its castles, cathedrals, and monuments memorializing those lost during the Second World War.

There are more households with TVs in Germany than there are in any other European country, making Germany the largest television market in all of the continent. In fact, the public television station Fernsehsender Paul Nipkow, which started broadcasting in 1935, was the world's first public TV station. Germany is also celebrated for its cinematic history: the Babelsberg Film Studio, located just outside of Berlin in Potsdam, was the world's first large scale film studio.

Germany has over 300 public and private radio stations, as well as the largest print market of newspapers and magazines in all of Europe. One tenth of all the world's books (including ebooks) are published in German. Germany also has the continent's biggest video game market, and its video game expo held each year in Cologne, called Gamescom, owns the title of being the most widely attended video game convention in the world. Needless to say, Germany boasts an expansive audience of media consumers, so translating your English project into German is a fantastic way to amplify your reach and tap into a whole new audience.

German is the second most widely taught foreign language in the European Union, and the third most widely taught foreign language in the United States. In the predominantly German speaking region of Switzerland, Standard German is restricted mostly to written communication, while the spoken language reflects a High German dialect—a linguistic situation that has been referred to as a 'medial diglossia.'

Many of the German dialects, such as High German and Low German, are not mutually intelligible with one another. This is why we offer an assortment of English to German translators with different specialties and expertise, who are capable of drawing on what they know and their unique backgrounds to provide you with a tailored translation that suits your project's particular requirements.

Look no further than Voices when you're searching for the right English to German translator to invite aboard for your next audiobook, ad campaign, or any type of translation need that you encounter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Old High German period is believed to date back to about 765 775 in the 8th century, making the German language over 12 centuries old.

While Dutch and German share some similarities in terms of vocabulary, no, Dutch is not a dialect of German.

The best way to get a professional translation is to hire a translator. You can find the right translator to take on your project's specific English to German translation needs right here on Voices. Voices features a number of talented translation freelancers who are well equipped to translate your project from English to German.