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Oda Lillestøl

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Norwegian, English.

I sent in one suggestion to a company I found on this page.

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Tone Østbø

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Sandnes, Norway

Commercial translation English to Norwegian

A translation I did for a client who has an American company and wants to enter the Norwegian market. It was very important not to do a word-for-word translation because it sounded too stiff for Norwegians and also sounds off. The translation became more smooth.

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All About English to Norwegian Translation

Growing the range of people who can understand and engage with your content is something you can easily achieve by having your work translated from English to Norwegian. Whether you are a multinational company, an agency crafting a new ad campaign, or an independent creator working on a creative project targeted at a Norwegian audience, the English to Norwegian translators you find on this page will be able to expertly translate your work for delivery throughout the Norwegian market. To hire the right English to Norwegian translator to help your project resonate with a Nordic demographic, look no further.

Norwegian is spoken as a mother tongue by roughly five million people. It's no coincidence that the population of Norway is also about five million people. Virtually everybody who lives in Norway speaks Norwegian as their first language, but you may also be surprised to learn that almost everyone in Norway can also speak English. English is taught as a second language in the Norwegian school system, meaning that most people born after World War 2 can communicate in English.

In fact, Norwegian and English are both Germanic languages that belong to the Indo European language family. The main difference is that English is a West Germanic language, like German and Dutch, while Norwegian is a North Germanic language, alongside fellow Scandinavian tongues Danish and Swedish. However, word order in Norwegian is a lot more similar to English than German or Dutch, and Norwegian vocabulary has a number of English cognates (words that resemble one another and share the same meaning).

Norwegian can be divided into two main written standards. The first is Bokmål, which means "book tongue" and is a modernized version of written Danish. Bokmål was the central version of Norwegian that was spoken in Norway until a language reform occurred in 1907. The new form of Norwegian that was offered as a replacement is called Nynorsk, which means "new Norwegian." Roughly 10% of the Norwegian population speaks Nynorsk.

The language debate is such a hot topic in Norway that there is even a popular radio show called Språkteigen that is devoted to linguistic issues in the country. Once you communicate the intended output for your translated content, the English to Norwegian translator you hire will know exactly how to craft your text so that it will resonate with your target audience.

The English to Norwegian translator you find here will take your written words in English and convert them into fluent Norwegian. Unlike translation software that automatically converts text word for word, our translation experts have a firm grasp on the vernacular spoken in different regions, as well as cultural nuances, grammar rules, and sentence structure that can alter the meaning of a written message.

If you need an English to Norwegian translator to launch your message to a nation with one of the world's highest per capita incomes and one of the lowest crime rates, then sourcing an English to Norwegian translator is your best. Sign up, post a job, and get matched with a talented English to Norwegian translator to take your communications efforts to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are about 5 million native speakers of Norwegian.

The best way to get your text translated from English to Norwegian is by hiring a translation expert on Voices. Post a job and get matched with an expert English to Norwegian translator to make your message come to life for your audience in Norway.

English is taught as a second language in the Norwegian school system, meaning that almost everybody living in Norway can understand and communicate using basic English.