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All About English to Polish Translation

Are you looking for a Polish translation expert to take the reins on your communication efforts and help you branch into the Polish language market? Crafting content for a target audience that speaks a foreign language can be tough, so translating content into a new language is a process that should only be taken on by a professional. To get access to a roster of fluent English to Polish translators, sign up for Voices and browse through our lineup of featured translation experts.

Polish is the mother tongue of the Poles, a West Slavic ethnic group that originated in Central Europe. Almost the entire population of Poland, just under 40 million people, speak Polish as their first language. Beyond the borders of Poland, substantial Polish speaking communities can be found in Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. Polish is the sixth most widely spoken language in the European Union.

While English and Polish are both written using the same Latin script, the Polish alphabet actually has nine more letters than the standard 26 letter Latin alphabet used for English writing. The nine additional letters found in the Polish alphabet include 'ą,' 'ć,' 'ę,' 'ł,' 'ń,' 'ó,' 'ś,' 'ź,' and 'ż.' However, don't let the similar alphabet fool you. Polish is notoriously difficult for English speakers to learn, both for its verbal pronunciation and its grammar. English speakers will also be unfamiliar with the language's many double consonants such as 'cz,' 'sz,' and 'ch.' Sourcing an English to Polish translator with experience is the best way to ensure that your message feels authentic to your Polish speaking audience while steering clear of grammatical errors and mistranslations.

One of the greatest benefits of having one of our English to Polish translators backing your creative project is the cultural understanding that they will bring to your translation efforts. Depending on your content's intended output, you may need your translated Polish text to adhere to decorum for use in official documents. On the other hand, perhaps you're working on a script that features dialogue written using Polish vernacular and slang. Either way, the English to Polish translator you hire will have a firm sense on how to make your message come to life so that it thrives with your specific audience.

When you're ready to hire an English to Polish translator, look no further. Sign up for a Voices account and explore the translation experts featured on our site. To hire a fluent English to Polish translator for your creative project, post a job and receive custom matches from our pool of proficient translators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Polish is the official national language of Poland.

There are about 55 million Polish speakers worldwide, most of whom reside in Poland.

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the west, the Czech Republic to the southwest, Slovakia to the south, the Ukraine to the southeast, Belarus to the east, and Lithuania and the Kaliningrad Oblast province of Russia to the northeast.