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Rashmi Sharma

New Delhi, India

US Census 2020, TVC

Translation and voice over done for US Census 2020, TVC

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Varinder Singh

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An Ad that displays throughout California translated by me

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Naz Ahmed

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Manchester, United Kingdom

I am a born and bred British Pakistani who can speak Eng & Punj 100%

Speaking English with my dad and Punjabi with my mum on a daily bases

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Ravneet Kaur Sandhu

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Punjabi , Hindi translation

Search an sample on voices website and than converted and translated into punjabi

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Navpreet Singh

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Jalandhar, India

Publishing - Legal, Government – Agriculture - Financial - Retail

A European Union legal translation in bilingual format.

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Gurpreet Singh

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Jalandhar, India

ਮੈਂ 18 ਸਾਲ ਦਾ ਹਾਂ ਅਤੇ ਮੈਂ ਪੈਸੇ ਕਮਾਉਣਾ ਚਾਹੁੰਨਾ ਹੈ ।


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All About English to Punjabi Translation

Are you on the lookout for an English to Punjabi translator to cast your project's words in a new light in order to be launched into a market in Pakistan, India, and beyond? We're equipped with a talented roster of professional English to Punjabi translators who won't simply translate your message word for word, but will account for regional dialect variations, the differences between formal writing and everyday vernacular, and cultural sentiments and perspectives that differ amongst ethnolinguistic groups. Connecting with an English to Punjabi translator who fits your needs is easy with the Voices marketplace.

As the mother tongue of some 130 million people across the globe, Punjabi is among the top ten most widely spoken languages in the world. As a member of the Indo Aryan language family, Punjabi is similar to Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, and Marathi in the sense that it also evolved from the ancient language of Sanskrit. Punjabi is a tonal language, which means that tone is used in spoken Punjabi in order to distinguish between words that sound like one another. If you're producing a script for a video ad or elearning module, or in need of a transcript for a TV or radio broadcast, it is crucial that you have an experienced translator who can pick up on and produce the tonal variations that can cause words and phrases to mean vastly different things depending on how they sound when they are spoken out loud.

Over 93% of native Punjabi speakers reside in Pakistan or India, largely within the Punjab region. The Punjab region falls within both countries and is intersected by an international border called the Radcliffe Line. In Pakistan, about 60% of the population speaks Punjabi, while it is the mother tongue of just below half of the population. Roughly 3% of India's population speaks Punjabi.

Your English to Punjabi translator is bound to be aware of many of the various Punjabi dialects, including Chenavari, Chhachi, Dhanni, Doabi, Ghebi, Jandali, Malwai, Pahari, Pothohari, Pwadhi, Rachnavi, and Shahpuri. The dialect of Punjabi that is used in writing and standard communication is Majhi, which is the dominant dialect spoken in many districts throughout Pakistan and India. Certain languages, such as Saraiki and Hindko, are considered to be dialects of Punjabi by some, and distinct languages of their own by others. All in all, the Punjabi University Atlas recognizes at least 28 different dialects of Punjabi.

With over 110 million inhabitants, Punjab is Pakistan's most populous province, as well as one of the most urbanized regions in all of South Asia. The capital city of the Punjab province is Lahore, which is where the country's film industry—nicknamed Lollywood—is based. The city has a fast growing GDP, and is Pakistan's largest software and hardware production centre. Lahore is also a hub for Pakistan's literary scene and publishing industry.

The Indian state of Punjab has some of the most thriving culinary, film, music, and tourism industries in all the states of India, despite paling in size in terms of area and population compared to many other Indian states. Punjab also has the largest music industry in the country.

The best selling Punjabi newspapers are the Daily Ajit, Jagbani, and the Punjabi Tribune, while The Tribune is the most popular English language newspaper in the Punjabi region. There are a number of prominent Punjabi TV channels, including DD Punjabi and BBC Punjabi.

You've arrived at the ultimate destination for an English to Punjabi translator. Beyond a market based in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, there is a vast diaspora of Punjabi speakers spread out across the globe. Hiring a professional translator will certify that your work makes the impact that you're seeking to make upon your target audience in a language that resonates with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Punjabi is an Indo Aryan language mainly spoken in Punjab, a region that spans the South Asian countries of Pakistan and India.

There are roughly 130 million people who speak Punjabi. It is considered the tenth most widely spoken language in the world.

Punjabi is primarily spoken in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India. There is also a sizable diaspora spread out throughout other parts of the world.