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Alexandre Brizard

Not Yet Rated

French to English Informative Cybersecurity Technology paper

Translated the document from French to English, informative document for prospective clients I've reached out to

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Cesar Izaguirre

Not Yet Rated

South Bend, Indiana

Je suis un polyglotte amoureux de la langue française

A part ça j'adore lire Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas ou Honoré de Balzac. Dès que j'en ai eu l'occasion, j'ai voulu faire l'expérience du Québec.

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Paul P Varghese

Not Yet Rated

Regarding Diabetics

French to English

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patrick cosmas

Not Yet Rated

Medford, Massachusetts

French to English translation

Here is my French to English translation I did.

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Not Yet Rated

Good in french and English and have some experiences with food blogs

This is general information about food and beverages

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franck eric francktchami

Not Yet Rated


Français, Marketing Digital, Informatique, Christianisme

Je suis promoteur du concept regardons la bible d'une autre façon afin de pouvoir se développer et développer ses Entreprises

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Will Sosson

Not Yet Rated

Ann Arbor, Michigan

French to English, software, start-up, website

I contributed to translating from the French version the entire website platform.

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mercy karemi

Not Yet Rated

nairobi, Kenya

French translation

English to french

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Samuel Orheria

Not Yet Rated

United Kingdom

French translation to English

I will render the BEST TRANSLATION and INTERPRETATION for any text or document you might want to work with. I have an extensive experience translating a wide scope of content ranging from: - movie scripts - literary works - web content - project work - medical - legal - educational

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Andrea Tinsley

Not Yet Rated

Retail French to English

Retail Commercial

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Alexandre Depriester

Not Yet Rated

Couëron, France

France , Polska , England

Je sais parler français Ja umiem muwicz po polsku I can speak in english

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Naide Pavelly

Washington, District of Columbia


Translation from English to French of a online newsbreak about an actor Oscar win.

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All About French to English Translation

Are you looking for a skilled translator with an in depth understanding of two of the most widely spoken languages in the world? When you need to convert your project's copy from French to English, sourcing one of our talented French to English translators is a secure option that ensures your message is handled with detail and care. While some may resort to simply copying and pasting their French language text into language translation software, seeking out an authentic French to English translator will actually capture all the cultural nuances and distinct grammatical differences between French and English. Ultimately, your project's message will be far more sound for your English speaking audience when you invite a professional translator onboard as part of your creative process.

The English speaking market is one of the largest language markets in the world. English has the status of a global lingua franca, with over two billion people around the world who communicate using English—which amounts to about 20% of the world's entire population. Of those two billion odd speakers, English is the mother tongue for about 360 million of them. While there is a vast population of French speakers worldwide, you'll be able to target your message at an even more substantial audience base when you branch out into the English market.

The group of countries where English serves as the dominant language is generally referred to as the 'Anglosphere.' The five core countries that make up the Anglosphere are the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. However, English is recognized as the official language of several additional countries, many of which are former British colonies, and functions as the de facto language in many countries, even when it isn't considered an official language by its government. Translating your work from English to French doesn't only mean that your message will be received by a market in North America and parts of Europe—there are populous English speaking regions throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Oceania.

French and English cross paths in parts of Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, the Flanders region of Belgium, Israel, the US state of Louisiana, Lebanon, Mauritius, Saint Lucia (where a French based Creole is the country's dominant vernacular), Seychelles, Trinidad and Tobago (where a Trinidadian English and Antillean Creole are variously spoken), Vanuatu, and Vietnam.

One of the most noteworthy differences between written French and English is that French words are assigned genders that determine how they are spelled and whether le or la precedes them. French and English share hundreds of cognates, which are words that are written the same and/or are similarly pronounced. However, there are a number of false cognates between the two languages, which are words that appear the same but have entirely different meanings. It's easy to slip up when it comes to the translation of false cognates, which is another reason why hiring a professional French to English translator is a worthwhile decision.

When you collaborate with a seasoned French to English translator, you can also ensure that your message is localized for the particular market that you're targeting. While there are billions of English speakers distributed across the globe, each region where English speakers reside has its own culture with its own expressions, dialects, and history. Seeking out a translator who is familiar with the culture you're targeting will help you craft a newly translated message that resonates beyond word choice, and really speaks to the audience you're striving to reach.

You've arrived at the ultimate destination for selecting a professional French to English translator. When you translate your French words into English, you're now ready to communicate with a diverse audience located in every continent around the world.

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The English language as we know it today can be traced back to the 5th century. In the 5th century, Anglo Saxon settlers who communicated using a group of West Germanic dialects arrived in Great Britain, leading to the formation of what we know as Old English.

While Google Translate is a resourceful tool that can provide quick and simple translations of words from French to English, you should seek out an experienced French to English translator for any project that you intend to present professionally. By hiring a French to English translator featured on Voices, your copy will receive an accurate translation with proper grammar and sentence structure, while retaining the core spirit behind your message.

To translate your text from French to English, get in contact with one of the talented French to English translators featured on Voices. With just the click of a button, you can access a translator who is fluent in both languages and thoroughly understands the meanings of words in both French and English.