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Patna, India


I developed with my team of colleagues

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Aman Raj

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It is just a sample so I have given some information about my country.

Hi, I am Aman Raj Jha I am from India. I am a student i am here to earn some money so that I can buy some stuffs for my day to day life activities.

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आपको आसानी से समझने योग्य बनाने के लिए हिंदी में अनुवादित अंग्रेजी भाषा के लिए नमूना प्रस्तुत किया गया है। A sample for English language translated into Hindi is presented for you to understand easily.

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Farooq Farooq

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Lahore, Pakistan

Hindi to English I change language content.

I am good know to change Hindi text to in English. I try to show best work for Clint and always backup to any change to complete task.

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HINDI DUBBING,Male actor hard voice Hero and Villian

it is a sound of a global famous movie BAAHUBALI and i have given the voice of Baahubali.I can match the level of his voice.

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patrick cosmas

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Medford, Massachusetts

Spanish to English translation

The translated Spanish to English

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Afonja Olamide

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Abeokuta, Nigeria

a Translation done in Hindi to English for a local blogging site

A blogging site needed materials and research about the most popular hindu films around the moment and as such i sent in an article with regards to that to their official mails.

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aaditya srivastava

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Fairy tales, narration,translation

I've translated this sample from English to our native launguage i.e. Hindi , and I also made sure that it is spelling corrected .

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Shubham Sarkar

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Kolkata, India

Sample of my translation

Blog sample of my own content for my wesbite

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Jieun Park

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Pune, India

Hindi to english transcription

This sample is about an India. It gives us some information about India.

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Adejoro praise

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ife, Nigeria

Hindi translation to English

I helped translate Hindi to english

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Excel Mayor

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Seattle, Washington

Hindi To English

Articles talking about giving.

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All About Hindi to English Translation

Do you need a skilled Hindi to English translator to elevate your project to the next level? Do you have a video game or explainer video script that you need localized from its Hindi origins in order to connect with an English speaking audience?

Expanding your service offerings to the English speaking world is sure to grow your customer base and potential audience. Did you know that about one fifth of the world's population speaks English? That's over two billion people worldwide.

When your Hindi text is translated from Hindi to English, you aren't simply presenting your materials in a way that residents of the United States or the United Kingdom can understand. By sourcing one of our Hindi to English translators, you can ensure that your work will resonate with audiences all across what is called 'the Anglosphere,' which comprises the nations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Beyond the traditional Anglosphere, there is a wide variety of countries where English is either spoken as an official language, or a de facto language that is spoken by the majority of the country's population. Translating your print publication, ad copy, formal documents, web text, or video script from Hindi into English is a strategic tactic for disseminating your work to a wide and diverse audience spread out around the world.

The underlying meaning behind your message may risk getting lost in translation when you use automatic translation software as opposed to a trained professional who understands the linguistic nuances of both Hindi and English. But when you work with a Hindi to English translator from Voices, your translation expert will convert your words to English with a consideration to regional vernacular, cultural nuances, and the format of the text's final output.

Hindi is the fourth most spoken first language across the globe, and it is actually the source of several commonplace English words. You may be surprised to learn that the following words are descended from Hindi and Urdu origin: avatar, bandana, bungalow, cheetah, dinghy, guru, juggernaut, jungle, khaki, karma, loot, mogul, mantra, nirvana, pundit, pyjama, shampoo, and typhoon.

When you need an expert Hindi to English translator to take your project's message and help target it toward one of the largest language markets in the world, you're bound to find the right translator from among these fluent Hindi to English translators. Post a job and get matched with the perfect Hindi to English translator to configure your communications for a Hindi speaking audience.

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Hindi is one of two official languages of India, and it is the central language spoken in the collection of states that make up the region known as the Hindi Belt.

Hindi and English are the two official languages of India.

Hindi is the most spoken language in India, with over half of the country's population speaking it.