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senthil kumar

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We can take different steps to conserve nature like stopping the cutting down of trees. We must not use automobiles excessively and take public transport instead. Further, we must not pollute our ocean and river water.”

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Mukul Sharma

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Trans India travel

Translated various tour programs

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Nat Voiced

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Edmonton, Alberta

Beauty Procedure Website Posting

Gig completed for an eyelash extension company. Translated specific text from Russian to English. This is a sample from that text.

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Alexander Zayanchkouski

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Minsk, Belarus

My translation of training delivered by rep. of Canon

My translation of training delivered by rep. of Canon

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Kseniia Malyshevskaia

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Introduction. This sample is to introduce myself in both languages I offer translations from.

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All About Russian to English Translation

Sourcing a translation that is professional, comprehensive, and nuanced is crucial when you are branching out into a new language market. When you need a translation that will impressively portray your company's message on a global scale, then you can rest assured that you've come to the right place at Voices. Working with one of our talented Russian to English translators is the best way to ensure that your content is accurately and expertly converted from Russian to English.

Did you know that about one fifth of the global population (more than two billion people around the world) can speak English? English is also widely employed as a lingua franca, or bridge language, on a global scale. This is but one of the reasons that branching out from the Russian market by offering your content in English can be a major move that helps your company thrive. Making the leap from Russian into English doesn't just mean an expansion to target a single country, like the United Kingdom or the United States—but potentially a vast portion of the world.

The best way to navigate the many differences between Russian and English is by hiring a language translation professional. Russian is written in a 33 letter Cyrillic alphabet, while English writing is composed of the 26 letter Latin alphabet. It will take an experienced translator with a thorough understanding of both the Russian and English languages to pull off the polished translation you need. You're in good hands when you hire one of our Russian to English translators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

English belongs to the West Germanic group of the Germanic language family.

The best option for translating text from Russian to English is by hiring a freelance translator on Voices. Although there are a number of translation softwares out there, sourcing an experienced translator is the only way to ensure a professional Russian to English translation project.

Google Translate is a useful tool for quick and simple translations of words from Russian to English, but you should seek out an experienced Russian to English translation for any project that you intend to present professionally. When you hire a Russian to English translator featured on Voices, your copy will be accurately translated with proper grammar and sentence structure, while preserving the main spirit behind your message.