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I have alot of friends from diffrent countries so translating isnt a new thing for me. but i dont really have an example.

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All About Swedish to English Translation

Do you need a Swedish to English translator to broaden the potential reach of your creative project? When you publish English language content that has been professionally translated, then there's no limit to the size that your audience can grow to. While Swedish and English share common roots and a number of similarities, sourcing a translation expert is the only way to get a completed project that takes the nuances of your target language into consideration. For a translator who is well versed in Swedish to English translation, hire one of our talented Swedish to English translators today.

Did you know that Swedish and English are both descended from the same language family? Swedish is a North Germanic language, like Danish and Norwegian, while English is a West Germanic language, like German and Dutch. Due to these mutual roots, Swedish and English are both written using the same alphabet. However, English lacks the letters Ä, Å, and Ö that are present in the Swedish alphabet, as well as the corresponding sounds these letters produce.

Although Sweden is the most populous country in Scandinavia, the number of global Swedish speakers is incomparable to the amount of people worldwide who can speak English. About two billion people around the world can speak English, making it a desirable output language for any content that you intend to have an impact on a vast audience.

The great thing about translating your text into English is the fact that the English speakers of the world, unlike Sweden, are not concentrated within a single nation. It's quite the opposite, actually—English has official language status in at least 67 different countries. These include a wide range of Commonwealth countries, including many throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, North America, South America, and Australia. India has one of the largest English speaking populations in the world, and the United Kingdom has the largest English speaking population of any country in Europe.

Propel your message beyond Scandinavia by working with a professional translator who can transform your text from Swedish into English. Your words can travel the world and appeal to an enormous and vital audience when you speak directly to a global audience of English speakers. Browse through our roster of Swedish to English translators and get matched with a translation expert who is the perfect fit for your project's translation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About 90% of Sweden's population can understand and speak a degree of English, especially since English is taught as a second language in the Swedish school system.

English is recognized as an official language in 67 countries.

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