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Jennifer Moule

Buenos Aires, Argentina

One Family and My Cup of Tea

One Family and My Cup of Tea is a book written by Ivana Lopez which traces the roots of the triphop movement in Bristol.

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Justin Bott

Toronto, Ontario

Justin Bott / Translation (German-English) & Voice Over

The client needed an English voice over, but their script was in German. I worked with a team member who is a native German speaker to come up with a direct translation and a smoother English translation. I ran both by the client, got feedback, and, after approval, recored the voice over for them.

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Mohsen Khodadadi

Not Yet Rated

Toronto, Ontario

Medical / Healthcare Translation

Translation of 750,000 words in the Medical / Healthcare domain.

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Miley Rose

Not Yet Rated

New York, New York

Hebrew to English Translation

I translated the piece in a way that conveyed the essence of the original material so that the translation would not be verbatim. This ensures that the same point is made in the translated form, rather than in a direct translation where nuance is lost.

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Vanity van der Helm

Not Yet Rated

Delft, Netherlands

A story about a girl her room.

This is a translation of a story of a girl how she describes her room. Translation is from Dutch to English.

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Sarí AK

Washington, District of Columbia

Documentary Pitch

A documentary pitch for Al Jazeera.

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Canelle Boughton

Not Yet Rated

Los Angeles, California

Lacoste Campaign English Translations

Worked directly with Agence WCP to translate Lacoste's Fall and Spring Campaigns into English.

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Frans Robinow

Not Yet Rated

Toronto, Ontario


This is a brief summary of an iPhone app that I wrote and published on the Apple store. It was available for a few years, I wrote both the Afrikaans and the English versions of the description.

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Gabriel Ferrer

Not Yet Rated

MIAMI, Florida

Quickbooks campaign

This is a bilingual campaign I wrote in both languages for Quickbooks.

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Christina Jamili

Not Yet Rated

San Francisco, California

Améliorer sa posture quand on télétravaille

Provided translation from French to English for three e-Learning modules used for internal training distributed company-wide.

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Charlie Inman

london, United Kingdom

O Danado Do Samba

A documentary I directed and edited in Rio De Janeiro. All translations done by me. search on vimeo or youtube to watch.

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Blessyn Kure

Kaduna, Nigeria

English to Hausa E- Learning material Translation

As a native HAUSA speaker from Nigeria, West Africa. I will accurately translate your script from the English Language to the authentic Hausa language. Confidentiality is 100% guaranteed. OUTPUT file can be PDF, Word, Notepad, etc.

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All About Ukranian to English Translation

Are you in need of professional Ukrainian to English translation services? Our creative services marketplace features a number of experienced Ukrainian to English translators who offer a range of language translation expertise that will propel your message into the English market with ease.

The underlying meaning behind your original message runs the risk of getting lost in translation when you rely on automatic word for word translation software. However, a Ukrainian to English translator can take your project's text and reinterpret it in the English language with consideration to cultural nuances, regional vernacular, and the text's ultimate output. For example, the dialogue for a video game script will be communicated in a different manner than the text of a business contract. When you browse through the translation talent featured here, you're sure to find the right translator to realize the specific needs of your project and bring your words to life in English.

There are copious reasons why striving to connect with an English speaking demographic can be an advantageous move for you. Whether you're a multinational corporation or an independent content creator, your work will instantly be rendered accessible to audiences in a broad range of countries when it is translated from Ukrainian to English.

Nearly all of the world's Ukrainian speakers reside in the Ukraine, while English is so widespread that it is considered a 'global lingua franca.' English is the primary language of the group of nations that make up the Anglosphere: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. While these five are the countries that often come to mind when people think of English speakers, English is actually spoken throughout every continent, and there are over two billion global English speakers.

Working with a professional translator for your Ukrainian to English translation is the only way to effectively translate your message. The Ukrainian writing system does not resemble the English alphabet, so it is best to have input from an individual with a thorough understanding of both languages. While Ukrainian is written in a 33 letter Cyrillic script, English writing is composed of the 26 letter Latin alphabet. Many people in Ukraine are familiar with the Latin alphabet due to the global circulation of English language media and products, but the intricacies of an English language message are best handled by an expert Ukrainian to English translator.

There's no better time to engage the services of a seasoned Ukrainian to English translator. Expand your reach and present your words to a vast audience with the help of one of the proficient translators featured here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

English proficiency in Ukraine is fairly low, in part because it is not a mandatory element of the curriculum in the Ukrainian education system. However, people under 30 who live in Ukraine are much more likely to understand basic English than older Ukrainian people.

The best way to translate your Ukrainian text into English is by working with one of the freelance translation experts featured right here on Voices. Translation experts will consider details like cultural nuances and regional vernacular to ensure that your words are translated efficiently and accurately.

You will find the best Ukrainian to English translators online right here on Voices. While translation software can come in handy for minor translation needs, the only way to tackle a professional Ukrainian to English translation is by working with one of our experienced translators.