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Zach Mayo

Dallas, Texas

Fruit of the Loom - Breathable Boxer Briefs

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Colin McCarty

Dallas, Texas

Rock Vocals

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Lapis Wolf

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Dallas, Texas


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Alexandria G Swift

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Dallas, Texas


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Conner Allison

Dallas, Texas

Singing Demo

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Amanda Latz

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Dallas, Texas

Dark Soul

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Find Professional Freelance Musicians near Dallas

If you are looking to find and hire professional musician freelancers in Dallas for your next project, Voices has thousands of talent to choose from.

But first, you might want to know a little bit more about freelance musicians in Dallas.

This brief article will provide useful information on the freelance musician space in Dallas, specific types of freelance musicians in the area, and what to consider when choosing a freelance musician for your next project.

All About Freelance Musicians near Dallas

The market for freelance musicians is constantly growing, as individuals and businesses alike can use musicians for a wide variety of reasons.

Businesses can use freelance musicians for any project involving music - from a company’s video advertisement to a live theatre performance to a captivating training e-guide.

Dallas residents have also used freelance musicians for catchy company jingles, podcasts, audiobooks, and the list goes on.

Join thousands of businesses who have found musicians on Voices for professional projects, such as audio ads, TV commercials, video games, podcasts, or feature films.

Types of Freelance Musicians near Dallas

Regardless of why you are looking to hire a freelance musician, there are many different types of musicians to choose from in and around Dallas that can fit your needs.

The three main types of musicians in Dallas are:

- Jingle Writers
- Jingle writers produce jingles for advertising and other commercial purposes.
- Composers

There are numerous kinds of composers, from computer-based music producers, to live instrument composers, to singer-songwriters.

Singers / Vocalists

Singers are great musicians to hire for people who want to communicate their message through lyrics as well.

What to Consider when Hiring a Freelance Musician near Dallas

There are many factors to consider when hiring a freelance musician. Here are four key factors to consider right away:


When it comes to musical genres, there is a wide variety of talent in the Dallas area.

You can find musicians that produce music in a range of genres, including country, classical, pop, jazz, folk, R&B, gospel, rock, EDM, musical theater, reggae, rap, and easy listening.

If you do not immediately know which genre you would prefer, think about what purpose your project will serve and which type of musical tone will best match that purpose (upbeat, slow, melodic, soothing, chipper, somber, energizing, etc.).

Then consider which genre best matches that tone overall; for example, if you are looking for energizing and upbeat, you might want pop or EDM. Alternatively, if you are looking for soothing and relaxing, easy listening or jazz might be the options you prefer.

Specific Services

Of course, all of the musicians you search for will certainly be able to provide some type of music. However, you may want to consider what other services that you might need in addition to the music itself.

Will your project require coming into a live event? Will you need them to set up equipment? Do you want them to communicate with other coordinators? What instruments do you want them to have or to bring?


If you want to receive recorded music as a final deliverable, the software that they use to produce and send music to you will be a crucial consideration.

Hiring an audio specialist who is skilled in the type of software that meets your project’s needs and matches the files you would like to receive will put your mind at ease.

Musicians in Dallas are well-versed in a range of audio software, including:

Garage Band
Ableton Live
Adobe Audition
Avid Pro Tools
DaVinci Resolve
Digital Audio Workstation
Sound Forge Pro
Logic Pro

You also might want to consider if the musician records their work in a studio environment to ensure that the production and sound will be of the highest quality possible.

Similar to much freelance work, the price range of hiring a freelance musician is wide and depends on your project.

Some charge as low as $100 per hour of work (or per song), while others might charge up to $8,000 for a project.

Post your job, receive custom responses from professional freelance musicians, all for free. When posting, you can select a fixed budget or a range that you’d like talent to quote within, and you only pay when you hire. Your payment is held safely via SurePay™ until the job is done and you’re satisfied.

Post your job today with Voices and take your project to new levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Freelance musicians play music in various settings for different types of events and audiences, such as weddings, birthday parties, shows, concerts, or even studio sessions.

Most musicians or bands near Seattle cost anywhere from $100-$250/hour.

Voices is a great place to post music jobs in Seattle and find freelance musicians for all your needs. With Voices, you will find quality music that will exceed your expectations.