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Canelle Boughton

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Los Angeles, California

Lacoste Campaign English Translations

Worked directly with Agence WCP to translate Lacoste's Fall and Spring Campaigns into English.

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Humberto (Jako) Montalvo

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Los Angeles, California

English (Intending accent to fit character personality) on Bravo Raton

I created the story, I was making some music on my computer and all of the sudden that idea came to my mind and immediately I started working on it. I talked to Julie and asked her if she would help me with the Lady Mouse part, as soon as she agreed I started recording part by part taking turns.

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Milla Kay

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Los Angeles, California

Spanish to English

Working on a job; client wants translation from Spanish to English

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Simo safiri

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Los angeles, California


Professional professor of translation

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Yuliia Panichkina

Los Angeles, California

Translation from Russian to Ukrainian language

Translation from Russian to Ukrainian language for Batuk Production

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Maria Todorova

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Los Angeles, California


Уханието на червената роза ме върна спомените за детството The fragrance of the red rose get me back in the past The fragrance of the red rose got me back in my childhood.

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Denzel Watson

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Los Angeles, California

Spanish to English Sample Translation

What you see here is my sample translation assignment that was translated from Spanish to English. All the work is in different topics and it from the El País Newspaper, which it is based in Spain.

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Leopold Nunan

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Los Angeles, California


IT was published by a prestigious Brazilian major paper called Journal O GLOBO.

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Find Professional Freelance Translators Near Los Angeles

The need for professional translation services has never been higher. The increasing demand for high-quality content in different languages has increased the number of freelance translators.

Translators are available with expertise in over 50 language pairs. Hire a translation professional in Los Angeles for your next project to ensure the accuracy and quality of the translation.

There are translators available who specialize in your language pair to provide accurate translations for all of your projects. It's essential to hire professional freelance translators who can create quality-assured translations without losing meaning.

Professional freelance translators can translate many texts, including marketing materials, scripts, proposals, technical manuals, website content, and more. And the hiring process is simple on Voices.

About Freelance Translators Near Los Angeles

Translators are skilled at communicating in both written and spoken form. The best translators can take jargon, technical terms, or other complex language and convert it into another language while maintaining its intended meaning.

That's why they are in demand—not just by companies that need to communicate with international markets but also by companies looking for high-quality content translation.

Types of Freelance Translators Near Los Angeles

If you are looking for a freelance translator in Los Angeles, here are some of the most popular types of translators to help guide your search:

- Audiovisual Translation: Used when creating foreign language films or documentaries.

- Legal Translation: Certified translators who translate legal documents as solid knowledge in legal terminology is required. Translation of this type is considered a specialized field, and it takes several years of experience to handle it properly.

- Technical Translation: Technical documents require a high degree of accuracy and are considered a specialized area.

- Literary Translation: This form of translation can translate fiction and non-fiction texts of all types, but it takes time because it has lots of subtle details that require attention.

What to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Translator Near Los Angeles

If you are considering hiring a freelance translator near Los Angeles, here are some key points to keep in mind:

- Experience: Look for translators specializing in the type of material you need translating; this is relevant in terms of subject, genre, format, and length.

- Native Speaking: Native speakers can more accurately convey the tone and meaning of the material because they understand both the language and culture.

- Cultural Awareness: Hire translators aware of the cultural context of the material they are translating to help keep your material accurate and engaging to the audience.

- Punctuality: Translators with a track record of meeting deadlines can help ensure the project has adequate time to be completed.

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The process for hiring a translator usually starts with posting your job on Voices. A good detailed job posting will include the period of coverage, geographical location, language(s) or dialects, any special technical requirements, deadlines, and word count estimates. It also outlines any text examples that may help the translator understand what you want.

Freelance translations are typically quoted per word and vary according to their scope, type, and format. Create listings based on a fixed budget or within a price range, which can help you narrow down your search. Post your job for free on Voices and find a translator for your next project today! Find and hire professional voice over freelancers in New York for your next project on Voices - the world's #1 creative services marketplace.