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Catherine Correa

New York, New York

Translation Samples

I am a voice over actress, it is very often that I help with the translation of the scripts. Therefore, I translate the text that shows a good flow .

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Nicolas Dromard

New York, New York

Multiple samples

Here are a few samples of translations from scripts I've translated.

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Miley Rose

Not Yet Rated

New York, New York

Hebrew to English Translation

I translated the piece in a way that conveyed the essence of the original material so that the translation would not be verbatim. This ensures that the same point is made in the translated form, rather than in a direct translation where nuance is lost.

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Jean Jemo

New York, New York

3 translations samples

What is the Paris Convention? (An explanation about Patent Law) G-8 summit article Double bass pickups (a technical explanation about transducers)

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Abdullah Ayoub khan

Not Yet Rated

new york, New York

Translation ( Advertisement of hospitality industry)

This is an ad for the hospitality sector. It's just a sample. I took it randomly and translated it just to display how I did the task.

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Catherine Isaula

Not Yet Rated

New York, New York

Translation basics

Spanish and English translation.

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Preran Akhanda

Not Yet Rated

New York, New York

Japanese-English Portfolio

The file attached below is the one showing the translation of a short article.

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Find Professional Freelance Translators near New York

Identifying the right Freelance Translator can make or break the effectiveness of your agency's goals. If you want to hire translation services near New York, Voices can help. But first, it is crucial to understand the types of freelance translators available and the things to consider before hiring for your next project.

There are many options when hiring a professional freelance translator. From a transcript to reading audio books in another language, reach new target markets with a professional translator.

All About Freelance Translators near New York City

Freelance translator jobs in NYC are plentiful. When looking for a translator, the Voices’ online marketplace connects you with skilled translators with the specific dialect that fits your projects’ needs.

Over the next ten years, the demand for translators is expected to increase by 24%! So how can you know which one to pick?

Post a job for free on our platform and, often in just minutes, start receiving auditions from talent. Voices will match a producer to your project using JobMatch™, or you can invite specific talent you may have in mind to audition for the job, all while resting easy knowing you will see work samples and a clear, concise quote before you make your decision.

Types of Freelance Translators near New York City

Some of the types of freelance translators in New York City include:

- Audio/Video Translators: Transforming words into voice is a true art and can elevate your next project, especially if you need it in a variety of languages.

- Website Translators: Website translators can help your website reach new markets. Translate your current website or use a translator to help build out a new website in a variety of languages to meet your customers needs.

- Document Translators: A document translator takes your document (perhaps a manuscript, a flyer, or an article) and translates it into any language your project requires.

What to Consider when Hiring a Freelance Translator

When hiring a Freelance Translator, three primary items to consider are time, budget, and value. It is crucial that your translator returns work in a timely fashion so that your agency's workflow does not get delayed. Furthermore, you need to ensure their prices match your budget while identifying someone who will give you the most value for your money.

For these reasons, some items to keep in mind when hiring a Freelance Translator include:

- Time zone: When will you be able to communicate with your translator at a time that works well for both of you?

- Specialization: Does your agency work in a terminology-intensive field such as medicine or law? If so, hiring a translator with a background in such an industry is helpful.

- Accuracy: Translation errors can make your business appear unprofessional. Be leary of a translator who constantly puts together sentences that do not make sense—an AI software could be to blame.

- Confidentiality: Are you working with confidential information? If so, hiring a professional translator with a track record of confidentiality is crucial. Make sure to read their reviews online and ask for references.

Matching the right translator with your project is essential to convey the perfect tone and message. By hiring a Freelance Translator through Voices, you will have access to experienced translation professionals not only near New York but from across the globe.

With thousands of freelancers speaking over 100 languages and dialects, Voices can help find the perfect translator for your project today.

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