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Christina Jamili

San Francisco, California

Améliorer sa posture quand on télétravaille

Provided translation from French to English for three e-Learning modules used for internal training distributed company-wide.

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Diana Silva

San Antonio, Texas

Translation for North Park Volkswagen

30 secs Spot for Volkswagen

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Alina Dresdale

Not Yet Rated

San Francisco, California

\"Lost Pond\" translation from English into Russian

A complete translation is done by Alina Dresdale.

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Abigail Cid

Not Yet Rated

San Antonio, Texas

Migration Questionnaire

The customer had a basic English questionnaire that used as part of their USA operations, but their Spain office needed a Spanish version, they asked me to do this translation for them.

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Jia Xin Wu

San Leandro, California

Translate and voice: Children's education book + companion

This is a series of language and math learning books. I adviced the client on customary differences between English and Chinese, such as less use of \"I\" or \"you\" in Chinese. created age-appropriate character names, and minimized repetition despite the limited vocabulary at the age level.

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San Diego, California

Radio Commercial Spot

the original text was in English and they wanted to have it casual.

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Find Professional Freelance Translators Near San Francisco

People work together around the world, so it’s important to feel understood in any language. While you can translate text yourself on websites, it doesn’t guarantee a proper translation.

If you are near San Francisco, you can find professional freelance translators on Voices. You will get to find, screen, and hire your own freelancer without having to go through an impersonal firm.

All About Freelance Translators Near San Francisco

At Voices, you will find a global community of translators ready to help you. Thousands of freelancers are available and will see your job as soon as you post it. Within minutes you will have responses to your listing.

You can also peruse the profiles on the site. If you find a translator you like, reach out and invite them to your job.

Types of Freelance Translators Near San Francisco

Native speakers, foreign language students, and international businesspeople are just a few of the types of freelance translators near San Francisco. They all have a love of language and will help you meet your goal of international reach.

What to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Translator Near San Francisco

As with any project, you want to think of the task, your budget, and the deadline when hiring a freelance translator. Make sure you can compensate fairly for the work, and give the professional enough time to do it well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can find translators who are native speakers of a language. You can also use people who have studied the language extensively. Being bilingual or trilingual means the person knows the language well enough to speak it, but they might not be a qualified translator. Hiring someone with near-native knowledge of a language will give you better results than using a translation website. A person better understands the intricacies of both languages and will get your point across clearly.

The best way to hire a translator is on Voices.You can browse talent or post a job and within minutes, receive responses from qualified freelance translators. If you are translating technical jargon, you’ll want to find someone who can understand exactly what you mean in both languages. This will help eliminate confusion in the final documents. If your document is straightforward, you might prefer to hire a native speaker regardless of their other experience or education.

As with many freelance jobs, translation costs can vary. You can post your job for free on Voices and set a budget that fits your needs. Talent will quote based on your budget and you choose the best one by listening to or reading their custom responses. When you are ready you will see exactly what it will cost before you hire so there are no surprises. Other freelancers charge a set fee per job. For translators, they might charge a certain amount per source word. This means they will charge one set fee for a 2,000-word document, whether it takes them one or three hours to complete. Voices gives you a chance to post the budget for your project. When you share the details, you will include how much you are paying for the work. That way, the freelancers know what they are getting paid, and you do not have to waste precious time going back and forth. You won’t pay a cent until you have hired someone and received files. You have the opportunity to review and make sure the work is correct before finalizing the payment.