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I have more than 15 years of experience working with the hispanic market. Among many projects, translating scripts have been one of them. My latest work was trasnlating a full short documentary from English to Spanish and Spanish to english. This documentary has already won 6 awards internationally.

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Whether working with people of different backgrounds or sharing existing work with a new audience, you will want to choose a translator who suits your needs. Your translator will convey your words, ideas, and feelings to audiences around the world. That’s a hefty amount of trust to put in one person!

If you are looking for a translator in the Seattle area, Voices can help! Our online marketplace connects you to thousands of professional translators that can help your brand reach new markets.

All About Freelance Translators Near Seattle

If you are in Seattle and need translation services, look no further than Voices. We connect you to translators from around the world to make your work more accessible. You can get your audio translated between English and almost any language. Also, you can find services to translate French to German and Spanish as well.

Freelancers on the Voices marketplace provide high-quality work on demand. They can work within your budget to make an award-worthy audio file within a few days.

Types of Freelance Translators Near Seattle

Freelance translators near Seattle offer a wide range of skills and languages. You can review thousands of talent profiles on our online marketplace and make a short list of the best freelance translators that match your needs.

The most popular translation services are written translations, ranging from academic to website writing and editing services. Many professional translators have degrees related to writing or linguistics.

Most freelance translators offer translation services between American English and other languages, such as Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin. Rest assured that by hiring a professional translator on Voices, you will find native speakers of these languages, which can be an enormous benefit to a translator.

If you are looking for a verbal translator, you can easily find one on Voices. By posting a job on our marketplace, we will match you to talented translators. You can browse their portfolio to see if they are right for you and hire on the spot and receive high-quality audio files within hours of hiring.

What To Consider When Hiring a Freelance Translator Near Seattle

The most important thing to consider when you hire translation services is the language. Many translators offer services in multiple languages, so we recommend making sure that the language you need is one they specialize in.

Say you find a translator who speaks American English, French, and Spanish. They might have top reviews for translating to Spanish, but they do not have samples of French translations. You would need to ask for English-to-French sample translations before hiring them for your French project.

Another aspect to consider is how well your potential translator understands your meaning - beyond the literal words you use. A translator will need to communicate both the words themselves and the emotions behind them to your audience, so you want to make sure that the person you hire has a good grasp of the messages you want to convey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! The best way to find a translator is on Voices. Post a job and get matched with talent skilled in a range of disciplines, from translation, to audio production, music and voice over.

Hiring a translator is easy on Voices. Create an account, invite any collaborators within your company, and post your job for free. Browse thousands of freelancers on your own or have JobMatch™ find the best translator for your project. Compare quotes, chat with talent, and hire on the spot. We hold your payment until you’re satisfied.

The cost to hire translation services will vary based on the experience level and type of translator you need for your project. Translators on Voices have a minimum suggested budget of $100 per voiceover job. Voices makes it a breeze to find the perfect translator to fit your needs. You can post your job for free and wait until the right person comes to you before paying. Sign up for Voices today and find a translator that will help take your project to new markets.