2012 Character Voices and Cartoon Voice Actors

Jobs Archive

  1. Light Of The World - Erica
  2. Cartoon Otter voiceover for a small clip
  3. Teen ADHD Animated Video – Mom
  4. ADHD Animated Video – Dad Role
  5. Light Of The World - Mike
  6. Teen ADHD
  7. The Bridge (working title)
  8. The Scapegoats (3D Animated Action/Thriller) (Tim)
  9. The Scapegoats (3D Animated Action/Thriller) (Boss)
  10. The Scapegoats (3D Animated Action/Thriller) (Kate)
  11. The Scapegoats (3D Animated Action/Thriller) (Rufus)
  12. Animated SoCal Software Engineers Find Inspiration
  13. Voiceover for Animated Short Video
  14. British Voice for Childrens Books
  15. New in Town Aboriginal Welcome Service
  16. The Exigency - Animation Project
  17. WOMPIN take 2
  19. Seko Story
  20. World Wild Life Animation
  21. OMSI Science Pub Animation
  22. Voice for a cartoon beaver character for a children’s mobile educational game
  23. Looking for creative voice talent to bring a cute, animated creature to life
  24. Can you talk like rapper 50 Cent?
  25. Voice Bubbletaxi
  26. Animation
  27. "Dude, Where's My Dog?" Web Video
  28. Legacy - 3D Student Animation
  29. Need voice for websites "How-It-Works" Video
  30. Male Brit Voice 02 For Adventure Story App Demo
  31. Parrot cartoon voice over (original)
  32. Children's AudioBook Cartoon
  33. Animation short
  34. Haloween Teaser
  35. 9 minute 4 character voice over
  36. Animated Explainer Video
  37. British Royal Family: Prince Harry
  38. British Royal Family Cartoon Skit: Prince William
  39. British Royal Family Cartoon Skit: Kate Middleton
  40. British Royal Family Cartoon Skit: Queen
  41. executive e-learning VO EN-PT BR 2
  42. Library Lenny
  43. ShotShotShot Commercial
  44. Harry Potter Spellcasting
  45. voiceover for homeade fortune teller machine
  46. Comic Book Mobile App
  47. Comic Book Mobile App

147 Results

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