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  1. M3130 Video Game Commercial for kids game
  2. An Essential Deception
  3. Past Present Future
  4. PIM Animation
  5. Mature Trailer Voice
  6. Hitchcock Trailer
  7. Parent Power: The Key to America's Prosperity
  8. Board persuasive Game Trailer
  9. The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness
  10. An All-American Family
  11. EvCC Movie Theater Ad
  12. Innovative concept for the oil industry
  13. Party Animals
  14. Short pitch script
  15. A Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children -REVISED
  16. Ignite - Men's Conference promo
  17. The Long Stem Is in the Lobby
  18. The Deadliest Weapon
  19. Rag Film Trailer
  20. Movie Trailer VO
  21. My Five Stones
  22. Harvey Theater
  23. Video Game Trailer
  24. Congratulations -You Just Got Hired: Don't Screw It Up
  25. A Mind to Build
  26. A Simple Formula for Raising Happy Children
  27. Baby Announcement
  28. Hoag Hospital Commercal - Treadmill
  29. Hoag Hospital Commercial - Symptoms
  30. BThursdays
  31. Keeping Laughter Alive
  32. Future King (Futuristic David & Goliath)
  33. VO for Documentary Movie Trailer and Potentially Entire Script
  34. Despins
  35. Free, White & 16!
  36. Mirage at Zabul Province
  37. The Dog Cancer Survival Guide
  38. Master Big Bangs through Black Holes in Four Hours
  39. High Mountain
  40. Gritty male voice for sales tape
  41. Memoirs Of an Unfinished Generation: From a Half Century of Wars and Whims
  42. Prosperity or Stupidity: The Choice is Ours
  43. A Life For A Life
  44. Narrating a video game trailer
  45. 60-second Book Trailer
  46. Wedding trailer
  47. Promotional Video Trailer VO
  49. Giraffes of Technology: The Making of the Twenty-First-Century Leader
  50. News reader - short movie

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