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Job # 1013 K-12 Corps product demos

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Jan 24, 2006 @ 01:44
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Jan 24, 2006
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Samaritan Technologies specializes in highly customizable Web-based and PC-based volunteer management, tracking, and recruiting software for large multi-site organizations such as school districts, state and local governments, municipalities, large non-profits, and corporations. Our tools are also designed for inter-organization applications such as volunteer centers, service-learning, disaster preparedness, court-referrals, and outcomes measurement, as well as event management.

We need a voiceover for our website's online demo.

Here is a script example:

This web page is an example of what the volunteer section of any school or district web site might look like. If you use K-12 corps we will integrate our forms and functions directly into your existing web site(s).

Recruiter is divided into 3 primary functions: Volunteer registration, opportunity searching and Volunteer login, which we also refer to as the Volunteer Service Center.
Before we start a search for opportunities, notice that you can advertise urgent needs for volunteers using custom hyperlinks here on your homepage. If you click on one of these it goes directly to a screen where volunteers can view details about the opportunity and then sign up for it generally or for any specific schedule slots that are currently open. This works particularly well for special events, upcoming trainings and last minute recruiting of volunteers.

If volunteers prefer to search for opportunities they can do so by selecting specific programs, trainings or other categories. Alternatively, they can search their personal preferences such as availability, skills, and preferred activities. In both cases the options they choose from can be customized to match what you need at your school. If volunteers just want to register and be contacted regarding opportunities they can click the “Just Register” button. For now we’ll just search for opportunities.

[Search Opportunities]

If this Recruiter web site was set up for a district, this menu would actually be a list of schools and would be labeled appropriately. This way volunteers can quickly view opportunities at school(s) of their choice.

[Search Results]

Search results appear like this. Note that we display just simple information at first so volunteers can browse through the total list easily before selecting an opportunity that interests them.

[Opportunity Details]

The information, layout and graphics on this Opportunity Details Screen can be customized. If they need directions to find the school they can click this button and it will launch a MapQuest map on their screen. This is particularly valuable for potential mentors who find this opportunity on the district web site and need directions to a specific school where they are needed.

Once volunteers are interested in an opportunity they can sign up by either clicking this button or selecting a specific schedule slot they want to commit for. In both cases they will be asked for their user ID and password. If they are not yet registered they can still do so and the system will automatically record their interest in the opportunity or schedule they requested before they registered. Both registration data and requests for positions are electronically transferred directly into your eCoordinator database the instant volunteers submit them.


Registered volunteers can return to your web site at any time and login to your Volunteer Service Center. Once here they can modify their personal information, review opportunities they’ve requested or been approved for, check their schedules and even receive recommendations for new ways to get involved that match their personal profiles. They can also come here to record their hours and take surveys if they didn’t do so already through our “Sign-In” terminals at the school.

To summarize, Recruiter can be built into the web site for your school and/or your district, providing volunteers with the ability to search, sign-up, and schedule themselves for opportunities; and, as we just discussed, they can also log to your Volunteer Service Center at any time to update their records, schedules and logbooks. Recruiter is fully integrated with eCoordinator and our Sign-In station software and can also be maintained from our PC Software, Coordinator CS.

Additional information on these other products and K-12 corps is available from the Related Resources section or by contacting us directly. We look forward to meeting you.

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